About Food on Foot

Food on Foot’s Mission

Food on Foot is a non-profit organization dedicated to assisting the poor and homeless of Los Angeles through programs that provide nutritious meals, clothing, work opportunities and ultimately the transition to full-time employment and life off the streets.

Supporters like YOU fund our programs

Food on Foot is a unique and personal response to hunger and unemployment because it is an effort entirely organized and maintained through the hard work of volunteers and generous individuals who provide the vast majority of our financial support. We do not accept government funds.  As a result, we are able to provide high-quality care to each of our homeless clients. Your generosity helps us provide two main programs dedicated to assisting the homeless of Los Angeles:

Sunday Meals program:

Every Sunday, volunteers like you help distribute food and clothing to the poor and homeless in our Hollywood serving location.

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Work for Food program:

Your generous donations fund our Work for Food program. This program assists the homeless with the tools and resources needed to leave the streets with a life-skills education, full-time job, housing they can afford, and the confidence needed to make their accomplishments long lasting.

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