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985 consecutive weeks of service
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What We Provide

Our Menu
It only costs us $4.60 to feed a person.

$3.25 - Two-piece chicken meal with rice and tortillas (El Pollo Loco)
$0.23 - Granola Bar
$0.23 - Cheese Crackers
$0.19 - Fruit Roll-up
$0.15 - Bag of Baby Carrots
$0.13 - Apple
$0.11 - Orange
$0.19 - Banana
$0.12 - Bottled water
$0.00 - Bread (donated by Bailey's Bakery)
$0.00 - Milk for children (donated St. Vincent Meals on Wheels)

Along with the meals we provide, we also distribute gently used everyday clothing (infant to adult sizes), shoes, blankets, sleeping bags, backpacks, etc. We are also in need of clothing appropriate for jobs and job interviews such as suits, dress shirts, ties, dress slacks, dresses, etc.

All donations are tax-deductible and can be dropped off any Sunday between 10:30am - 2:30pm at the serving site: 1625 N. Schrader Blvd., Hollywood, CA 90028.

Food on Foot’s Timeline

March 1996 - First chicken dinner out of trunk of car given to the homeless on the steps of the Hollywood Post Office.

April 1999 – "Work for Food," our 7-day-a-week trash clean-up program, began providing assistance in the transition to employment and life off the streets for homeless and poor individuals.

March 28, 2002 – Jay Goldinger, Food on Foot's founder, received "The Daily Points of Light Award" from President George W. Bush to honor an individual who has made a commitment to connect Americans through service to help meet critical needs in his community.

December 2005 – Food on Foot debuted on National TV's "Access Hollywood" with Billy Bush and show producers. Food on Foot was awarded $6200 from the show's employees.

March 2006 – Food on Foot celebrated it's 10 Year Anniversary of service to the homeless and poor of Los Angeles.

November 2006 – Neil Patrick Harris, a contestant on Jeopardy!, won $50,000 for Food on Foot.

November 2008 – Jay Goldinger, Food on Foot's founder, was recognized as one of Bank of America's Local Heroes.

April 2010 – Neil Patrick Harris won $100,000 for Food on Foot on Celebrity Jeopardy!

December 2010 – Food on Foot's record year to date – raised over $792,357 in donations!

A Few of Work for Food's Recent Graduates

Here are just a few of our Work for Food crew members that have graduated the program. These individuals are now working a full-time job, completely off of government assistance, and living in their very own apartment!

October 2006 - Sonia joined the maintenance crew at Whole Foods in Beverly Hills.

July 2007 - Ken D. began work as a Property Manager at an apartment complex in Glendale.

March 2008 - Deborah S. began work as a cashier at Food4Less in Hollywood.

November 2009 - Kim P. joined Amoeba Music in their warehouse.

December 2010 - Joliff S. began work as a customer service rep at Orchard Hardware Supply.

September 2011 - Lee D. joined Tender Greens in Santa Monica as a food preparer.

November 2011 - Shawn S. began work as a dishwasher at Mylo and Olive in Santa Monica.

March 2012 - Gabriel D. began work as a janitor at the FUBAR in West Hollywood.

January 2013 - John W. began work as a busboy at Sisley Italian Kitchen in Sherman Oaks.

February 2013 - Anthony R. began work as a custodian at Helicopter Technology Corporation.

August 2013 - Tia D. began work as a hostess/cashier at Fabiolus Café in Hollywood.

September 2013 - Chandra B. began work as a clerk at Postal Place in Beverly Hills.

August 2014 - Cynthia A. began work as a dishwasher at Napa Valley Grille in Westwood.

Work for Food

Our Work for Food crew spends every Sunday afternoon cleaning the streets of Hollywood and each worker is rewarded with $10 in food gift cards from nearby fast food restaurants and grocery stores.

Realizing that it would take a greater commitment to address the needs of the homeless, Food on Foot was founded as a nonprofit organization in 1996 and began serving meals each Sunday in Hollywood. Through word of mouth, Food on Foot rapidly gained volunteers and financial support. As a result, we are proud not to have missed a weekly meal since our founding.

While the meal program was well received among our hungry clients, we also wondered if there was more we could do to increase food security in the area. In 1999, we began recruiting volunteers from among the homeless to engage in trash pickup in Hollywood. Each participant is given two large garbage bags to fill with trash collected in our target areas, and in return, receive $10 in food gift cards and a chicken dinner with healthy snacks.

Today our Work for Food program helps approximately 30 individuals earn meals and food gift cards each week. We also provide them the resources necessary to get the job done - supplies, bus tokens for transportation and phone cards for communication. Most of these individuals are without stable shelter, are actively battling substance abuse or other handicaps, and are not ready for regular employment. But our hope is to gain their trust over time so that we can assist them with their needs, slowly build their confidence so that they can contribute to the community, and prepare them for a transition back into society.

Once individuals participate in Work for Food for approximately two months and demonstrate reliable work habits, these men and women can join a team of workers that clean local shopping centers and other areas in Hollywood during the week in exchange for additional food gift cards. The long-term goal is to find outside full-time job opportunities in the business community for our Work for Food graduates. Work for Food involvement, which can last from a few weeks to a few months depending upon the individual, gives those participating the confidence they so desperately need to become productive members of society again and leave life on the streets.

Food on Foot has served the same meal at the same location at the same time for many, many years. Consistency breeds trust, trust breeds confidence. And that's what Food on Foot is all about! Please consider getting involved in this unique and personal response to hunger in Los Angeles. You too can make a difference.