Volunteer Spotlight

05/20/2019 - Geoffrey, Christine, and Warren Neil - $98 Club

Many people view the rise in homelessness in Los Angeles as an issue so daunting that they don't know where to begin, so they never do. Food on Foot ruins that excuse by providing a well-organized place to make a difference. They are a tremendous resource that effectively & comfortably connects people who have a burning need for help with people who have a burning desire to help.

People over-use the word “amazing”, applying it to just about anything that’s mildly impressive. Food on Foot’s program is amazing. From the moment you set foot on the property, instructions are clear, resources are in place, staff are kind, and all of these factors enable volunteers to enjoy an incredibly satisfying experience that is far greater and more fulfilling than handing a dollar through the car window at the off-ramp. Food on Foot has a fantastic infrastructure and polished system — all you have to do is step into it and give.

Probably the most poignant memory of our volunteer experience was the absolute drenching with gratitude that one experiences at a Food on Foot event. The thank-you's, often with tears, were constant and inarguably sincere throughout the afternoon. We showed up only to give. Didn't expect to leave with such an enormous emotional profit.

05/13/2019 - Taryn Balthazar - $98 Club Member

Food on Foot means humility and accountability. It reminds me to stay humble, and to be incredibly grateful. It’s a very strong and necessary reminder of the power of a smile.

I like the perspective and the inspiration provided by the homeless individuals in the program. Their strength and resilience is awe inspiring.

What makes life hard can be so different for everyone, but it always seems like what makes it the best is never very different from person to person. Recently a member was telling a story about getting back on their feet and how amazing it was to be able to care for their pet. I can't imagine the hardships that he has endured or what the beginning or the end of his journey was and will be, but I know that pets are a blessing. From the love they give you, to the structure they force you into, or the free therapy they provide when they force you to do the things you don't want to do (like go for walks in the sunshine when you are sad). My pet saved me and makes my life so much better every day. Judging by his story, he feels very similarly, and I couldn't be more happy for him.

05/06/2019 - Dorothy Ungerleider - $98 Club member

Food on Foot is the first organization that I have ever made a monthly-giving commitment to. I’m so impressed by its mission to make a serious difference in the lives of fellow humans less fortunate than I have been.

I sense the dignity and consequent loyalty to the program that I have observed by those whose lives have been turned around here.

When I volunteer, I’m touched by observing other volunteer and their families and the real effect the program has on their children, especially when some of them participate in sharing “a random act of kindness.” These kids are really touched—and they get it!! Wow, that doesn’t happen often in today’s culture.

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