Volunteers of the Week

06/19/2017 - Marisela Brazfield - $98 Club Member

I believe that all people, especially folks who are at a disadvantage, have the right to food, shelter, medical care, education and happiness. In volunteering with Food on Foot I am able to contribute to making that a reality for folks who have stumbled a little harder than the rest of us.

I really like the idea that Food on Foot is not dependent on government funding, as often times the red tape and stipulations prevent folks from benefiting from services that are sorely needed.

My first volunteer experience left a heart warming impression on me as the people shared their random acts of kindness, both volunteers and green/grey shirts. I walked away feeling much, much more hopeful than when I arrived.

06/04/2017 - Dana Olsefsky - $98 Club member

Food on foot is more than just feeding those in need. It is about transformation and second chances for the homeless. It is helping those who have the desire to grow. Food on Foot gives homeless people confidence and purpose, and teaches them skills they need in order to take control of their lives.

What I love about Food on foot is the way the program is set up. The homeless people in the program have to really want a change in their life in order to go through the program. They are not handed anything and have to earn it by hard work and dedication.

The best part about volunteering is hearing the homeless people’s stories of where they came from and seeing how much the program has helped to transform their lives.

05/23/2017 - Priyanka Khanna and her son Kismet - $225 Family Club Members

Supporting Food on Foot is a way for us to help and be a part of the community. We come from India where there is so much income disparity. The rich have so much while the poor get more and more helpless and homeless. We would love to be a part of this effort to end homelessness in this new place we live and call home.

The best thing about Food on Foot is the grass roots nature of this organization. No government funding means no bureaucracy and no time lag. Money goes from the source and directly into the right pockets.

Watching my son distribute food to the needy was truly special. To have him see for himself and not just hear about how much help is required was very necessary. And lastly it was wonderful to hear the success stories from some of the graduates, very moving and inspiring.

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