Volunteers of the Week

02/19/2017 - Gerard Murphy - $98 Club Member

Food on Foot is the least corporate hands-on experience I’ve seen that helps the less fortunate in our community. I have brought my kids a few times and it is probably one of the most humbling and uplifting experiences for them.

My kids get to understand and realize that homelessness is not to be frowned upon or be frightened of. The stories that are shared make it so clear how fragile life is for so many people. One life changing event can set so many things in motion.

The best thing about food on Foot is that it has a clear plan and path for the homeless who are committed to putting their life back together. Instead of trying to solve a problem just for one night, Food on Foot puts a long term solution in place for each person.

02/12/2017 - Jennifer Canaga and Greg Proops - $149 Couples Membership

For me, Food on Foot means a chance to give to the poor and homeless directly. To meet them is profound.

What I like most about Food on Foot is the organization’s hands on approach. Food on Foot changes the lives of the homeless by looking after them, keeping tabs on them and giving them the opportunity to help themselves.

Hearing everyone’s act of kindness during the Sunday serving was beautiful. They are brave for sharing their stories of personal growth and heartache.

02/05/2017 - Alex Podell - $98 Club Member, with his daughter Sasha

Foot on foot gives us the chance to give back to our community. We have many blessings and want to see how we can help those who have less than us.

I like Food on Foot as it is a tangible way to physically help people, as opposed to simply sending a check.

It meant a lot to see my daughter distribute food during the Sunday serving. Through Food on Foot, she is beginning to learn about her community and charity by helping others.

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