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4 Ways To Volunteer While Social Distancing

Looking for fun volunteer activities for you and your loved ones? Although our food distribution volunteer events are temporarily postponed, here are 4 ways you and your family can volunteer to help our homeless neighbors while social distancing… Start Your Own Food on Foot Fundraiser We've made it EASY for you to help our homeless neighbors and graduates while raising donations with the help of your family and friends. You'll receive your very own fundraising page along with template emails, social media posts, and strategies on how to reach your fundraising goal. Click HERE to learn more. Facebook and Go-Fund-Me fundrais...

COVID 19: Our Graduates Are Losing Jobs. Please Help

Dear Food on Foot family, I realize these are difficult and uncertain times. I sincerely hope that you and your family are coping with the very real threat of the Coronavirus and its unprecedented disruptions to your daily life. The impact of this crisis is also being felt by our Work for Food (Jobs & Housing) program Gray Shirts and graduates, many of which have now lost their jobs. These incredible men and women truly personify the goals and successes of Food on Foot. They frequently volunteer their time and mentor many homeless individuals to achieve that same success. Please Help Our Gray Shirts and Grads Stay Housed and ...

Actor Michael Rosenbaum Interviews Graduate Roy. S

If you volunteered during a recent Sunday Serving, there’s a good chance you met our graduate Roy S. Roy shows up to almost every Sunday serving. He happily chats with the volunteers and even mentors the homeless participants in our Work for Food program. During a Sunday serving, Roy met actor and director Michael Rosenbaum. Michael is a devoted $98 Club member and frequent volunteer. When Michael met Roy, he knew he'd  be a perfect fit for his podcast, Inside of You with Michael Rosenbaum. Michael interviews celebrities and athletes while getting personal and intimate about life, adversity, and mental health. For this ...

Jo Jo F.

“After getting robbed, I lost my ID and became homeless. With your help, I got a new ID and was able to get a full-time job and apartment. Thank you!” – Jo Jo F. - Food on Foot graduate.

US Storage Centers Helps The Homeless Through Food on Foot

As homelessness spreads across LA County, more and more companies are giving back to help the community in which they serve. US Storage Centers is an owner and operator of self-storage facilities across the country. They recently opened a new storage facility in Compton, and have partnered with Food on Foot to help provide much needed resources for the homeless. How is US Storage Centers helping the homeless? Food on Foot helps homeless individuals leave the streets with full-time jobs, housing, and a life-skills education. Every Sunday, Food on Foot holds an awards ceremony for the homeless clients in its jobs and housing program. ...

Brian T.

"Ever since starting this program, I was inspired to work hard. Thank you for giving me a new life." - Brian T. - Food on Foot Graduate

Daniela G.

"You instill courage, knowledge, strength, wisdom, and hope. These are the little mustard seeds that you plant into our minds and it completely and utterly changes our spirit from the inside out. Thank you for changing my life!" - Daniela G. - Work for Food graduate

Eric W.

"From where I’ve been, to where I’m at now, and the help that I’ve received primarily through Food on Foot…I needed it more than ever, and I appreciate it." - Eric W. - Work for Food graduate

We’re featured on iHeart Radio!

Food on Foot's head of marketing, Rob Danson, sat down with iHeart radio to discuss the "Trust First Model" and ways you can help our homeless neighbors leave the streets with full-time jobs and permanent housing. Stream the Interview Here

Donate Hygiene Products & Gift Cards!

Want to provide hygiene products and food gift cards to our homeless neighbors?   Now you can!   As a Food on Foot supporter, you can now donate: Food gift cards Retail gift cards Hygiene products from our Amazon Wish List Why is my help needed?   Many people living on the streets don’t have access to every necessities such as soap, shampoo, toothpaste or sunscreen. A lack of these much needed resources can: Lower self-esteem and confidence, especially if heading to a job interview Increase our homeless neighbors' health risks You can change this!   Shop using our Amazon Wish List, and choose from a variety of ...