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Helping The Homeless For 1200 Consecutive Weeks

2018 was a FANTASTIC year for Food on Foot, and we owe it all to YOU.   Because of you: 8,450 meals were served 45 Work for Food clients found full-time jobs But there’s more…   This week marks our 1200th consecutive week of helping our homeless neighbors! That's 23 years of distributing food and finding full-time jobs and housing for our vulnerable neighbors in need.   We couldn’t have reached this milestone without you. Thank you! You Can Make The Next 1200 Weeks INCREDIBLE! As we enter into our 1200th week, many homeless people here in Los Angeles are faced with an extreme challenge... Three underlying factors ...

What Happened When It Rained?

It’s been raining lately… …A lot actually. And when it rains in Los Angeles, many people are affected. Especially if they’re homeless and living on the streets. Many of these homeless people rely on the kindness of others to help them get through a rain storm. Fortunately, our homeless Work for Food clients are there to help. Each week, our homeless clients give back to the community through Random Acts of Kindness. We reached out to a few of our Work for Food clients to see how they helped their neighbors out in the rain… Want to learn more about our client's random acts of kindness? You can! Volu...

Jeannette G.

Because of you, I’ve grown to be grateful for everything that comes my way. You showed me how to work hard and to not let anything take me away from the goals I want to achieve. – Jeanette G.

Angelica L.

“You helped me to become more accepting and to knock down the wall of pride that put me in my homeless situation. Thanks to you, I now have a job and my own apartment. I feel like I’m back to my old self again!” - Angelica L.

Kama F.

"Food on Foot really helps people who want to change but just don’t know where to start. I struggled with substance abuse, but thanks to you, I am now off drugs and I have my own job too." - Kama F.

Thomas C.

"Thank you for helping me through this great program. You have really helped me communicate better with others. I really appreciate this!" - Thomas C.

You’re bringing HAPPY back in 2019!

It’s less than 24 hours until 2019.   As you read this, there are homeless people who are striving for a better life.   And these people face an extraordinary challenge.   The longer they live on the streets, the more they feel like the world has given up on them.   In many cases, this overwhelming feeling leads to severe depression and sadness.   Today, you have the chance to turn this sadness around and to create a new life full of happiness for 2019! "Food on Foot really helps people who want to change but just don’t know where to start.I struggled with substance abuse, but thanks to you,I am now off drugs and I ...

We all need someone to talk to

Did you know that our 85% success rate is growing?   In fact, this year alone we’ve helped over 40 homeless people find full-time jobs!    But, I’d like to fill you in on a little secret…   At the core of this success is someone very special…   That person is YOU.   One way you make our jobs program so successful is by helping us provide FREE counseling to our homeless participants and graduates.   Our two INCREDIBLE program directors, Kelsie and Precious provide these counseling sessions in both a group setting, and as one-on-one personal "check-ins".  None of this could be done without your support! Please Give ...

Pedro B

Pedro is another SHINING success story! With your help, Pedro was able to graduate Food on Foot's Work for Food program on September 16th, 2018. He is now off the streets, living in his own apartment, and is working full-time at The Wash on Western!

You helped me find my voice again

As a transgender woman, I’ve faced plenty of rejection. But you helped me find my voice again. For years, people didn’t accept me for who I am, so I ended up moving in with my loving grandfather. When he passed away, I found myself in a really scary and lonely situation. I began to shut down mentally. I didn’t have anywhere to go and before I knew it, I was homeless. The longer I lived on the streets, the more shy and reserved I became. I barely spoke to anyone. Then everything changed... Because of support from kind people like you, I was able to enter Food on Foot’s Work for Food program. I was accepted with open ...