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Roy S.

“It feels like I’m finally moving on from a major roadblock in my life. I have a new beginning thanks to Food on Foot.” - Roy S. - Work for Food graduate

Dr. Drew features Food on Foot!

Dr. Drew and Leann Tweeden sat down with Rob Danson, Food on Foot's Head of Marketing and Communications, to discuss how Food on Foot is helping our homeless neighbors find full-time jobs and housing they can afford through subsidized rent. Click the link below to listen (interview starts 1 minute into the segment) Click HERE to listen

Robert C.

"You have relieved me of so much stress and it feels good to be off the streets. All of this has been uplifting." - Robert C.

A New And Empowering Life For Kay!

Kay was homeless and in desperate need of a job.   She spent months on the streets searching for help.   But no programs would take her in.   She had no history of mental illness and wasn't on drugs.   So why was it so difficult for Kay to find help?   There are a lot of homeless programs in Los Angeles. But very few are designed to help people like Kay.   How is Food on Foot different? Program Director, Kelsie Deppen explains: “We work with the high-functioning homeless who slip through the cracks of other homeless programs. These are adults who are not on disability, probation or parole. We help these people get back to ...

Yvette F.

"Because of you, when I get off of work, I get to say three words I haven't said in a long time - "I'm Going Home. Thank you!" - Yvette F.

Food on Foot featured on Netflix Series “Selling Sunset”

Jason and Brett Oppenheim have been long time supporters, sponsors and volunteers of Food on Foot. Now, their Hollywood Hills real estate agency, Opphenheim Group, is the focus of a new Netflix show called Selling Sunset. We're so excited to announce that Food on Foot is featured in Episode #7. A huge thanks to Jason, Brett and the rest of the Oppenheim Group for helping our homeless neighbors with food, jobs, housing, skills and confidence! Watch Selling Sunset Here!

Johnny H.

“When I first came to Food on Foot, people told me to just keep going.  Thank you to everybody here…my support team like you who encouraged me to come to the program every week.”  - Johnny H.

LA Independent Front Page Feature!

All the AMAZING help you give to our homeless neighbors really shines through in this LA Independent front page feature!   Click on the button below to read the online version. LA Independent Feature

You Instill Confidence Within Our Homeless Participants

Think about the last time you were overwhelmed or just gave up. Scary, right? One of the biggest hurdles you help our homeless clients overcome is to stop losing confidence. Once someone gains back their confidence, they begin to find HOPE. They find hope within themselves… …and hope for a better future. But sadly, many homeless people lack an inner belief in themselves. How would you feel if you lived on a cold, dirty sidewalk outside an abandoned storefront? You ask for help, but the daily rejection you face digs into your soul like a sharp, cold knife. Day after day, your mind projects the same tiring feedback ...

Helping The Homeless For 1200 Consecutive Weeks

2018 was a FANTASTIC year for Food on Foot, and we owe it all to YOU.   Because of you: 8,450 meals were served 45 Work for Food clients found full-time jobs But there’s more…   This week marks our 1200th consecutive week of helping our homeless neighbors! That's 23 years of distributing food and finding full-time jobs and housing for our vulnerable neighbors in need.   We couldn’t have reached this milestone without you. Thank you! You Can Make The Next 1200 Weeks INCREDIBLE! As we enter into our 1200th week, many homeless people here in Los Angeles are faced with an extreme challenge... Three underlying factors ...