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Pedro B

Pedro is another SHINING success story! With your help, Pedro was able to graduate Food on Foot's Work for Food program on September 16th, 2018. He is now off the streets, living in his own apartment, and is working full-time at The Wash on Western!

You helped me find my voice again

As a transgender woman, I’ve faced plenty of rejection. But you helped me find my voice again. For years, people didn’t accept me for who I am, so I ended up moving in with my loving grandfather. When he passed away, I found myself in a really scary and lonely situation. I began to shut down mentally. I didn’t have anywhere to go and before I knew it, I was homeless. The longer I lived on the streets, the more shy and reserved I became. I barely spoke to anyone. Then everything changed... Because of support from kind people like you, I was able to enter Food on Foot’s Work for Food program. I was accepted with open ...

Roderick N.

Roderick's inspiring story just goes to show how having a POSITIVE ATTITUDE can get you really far in life. In fact, something incredible happened to Roderick on his first day of work. Want to know what it is? Click below to find out… Full Story

What Happened On My First Day Of Work BLEW My Mind!

Picture this: You get a new job. Within the FIRST HOUR on your first day of work, you get a promotion. Sounds impressive, right? That’s what happened to me. But that’s not the whole story… Before I got the job, I was homeless and sleeping underneath an abandoned truck in Hollywood. I was addicted to drugs and my life was going nowhere fast. This is where you came into my life. Your support with Food on Foot lifted me out of the dark and seemingly bottomless hole I was in. With your help, I was able to attend Food on Foot’s Work for Food program. You inspired me to become sober and believe in myself. You ...

Brandon B.

Brandon B. was homeless, but with your help, he is now off the streets working full time as a security guard. Food on Foot was even able to provide Brandon with the funding necessary to increase his pay by receiving his armed guard certification training. Brandon has come such a long way and is a true success story for the Work for Food program.

Liza A.

Liza is a shining Food on Foot success story! After gaining public speaking skills through Food on Foot's programming, Liza landing a full-time job as an outreach coordinator for the Trans Latina Coalition. Full Story

Michael F

Because of your wonderful support, Michael F. has graduated the Work for Food program!   He currently works at the Pooch Hotel and is living in his very own, safe apartment.   Full Story

Helping a Homeless Person Creates a Positive Chain Reaction

“This program is too good to be true. There’s NO WAY Food on Foot can get me a full-time job and my own apartment.” This is how Michael felt. He was so used to rejection that he became skeptical of any organization’s claimed success stories. He had been let down too many times. You show our homeless clients that change is possible: When you support food on foot, you create a positive chain reaction. Every time you help someone leave the streets, you give proof that this program works! For every job you help someone find, you instill hope in someone else. You did this for Michael! Michael F. (pictured above) was ...

Jobs and Skills for the Homeless (Without Government Funding)

Food on Foot helps the Los Angeles homelesswithout relying on government assistance:Jobs, Housing, Life-Skills, Free Food John's Story John lived in a flimsy, torn tent on the dangerous streets of Los Angeles’ Skid Row. He would stay up each night guarding his few belongings while keeping a vigilant eye out from muggers and assailants. Each morning, the sun would shine rays of temporary safety onto the vulnerable corners of the crowded and crime-riddled tent encampments. A sigh of relief would fall upon John’s tired face. The dangers of the night were over. He could finally sleep. This is how John survived… every day ...

Top 4 Ways You can Help the Homeless of Los Angeles

Did you hear the news? A new report shows that homelessness in Los Angeles has risen 23% since 2016. Now, there's over 57,000 homeless people living on the streets of our city. Even Mayor Eric Garcetti says that there's "no sugarcoating the bad news." But here's some GREAT news. The Los Angeles based nonprofit Food on Foot helps homeless people leave the streets with jobs, skills and confidence. Volunteers with Food on Foot can also distribute hot, nutritious meals on any Sunday in Hollywood. With over 20 years experience, Food on Foot has proven methods that WORK. Food on Foot accepts no government funds, thanks to the support from its ...