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$1 Million Giveaway to Fight Hunger

For the 12th consecutive year, Food on Foot will be participating in The Feinstein Foundation's Annual $1 Million Giveaway to Fight Hunger. The more donations Food on Foot receives before April 30, 2014 in response to this challenge, the more Feinstein money Food on Foot will receive! Feinstein's previous $1 Million challenges to fight hunger have raised a record $1.5 Billion for hunger-fighting charitable organizations nationwide that help the needy. Your donations connected to this campaign makes them a part of one of the most successful ongoing efforts ever to fight hunger. To learn more about how the $1 Million Giveaway to Fight Hunger works, ...

A typical day at food on foot.

Produced by Lydia Castro, a $98 Club member

Food on Foot – 2010 – Work for Food program

A Big thank you to T.Baker and W. Shadow for producing this video.

Food on Foot Wins $10,000

Over a 3-week period, FOF competed against 9 other California nonprofits and received the most online votes, winning a $10,000 grant for our Work for Food program through the Clearinghouse CDFI Challenge. We're so grateful to everyone who voted daily and spread the word to friends, family, and colleagues. A special thanks goes out to our friend and long-time supporter - Neil Patrick Harris - who wrote "So glad you won. So glad I could help. So glad you continue to do what you do."

Tia D.

Tia D.’s mother died from a brain aneurism when she was 5 years old, leaving her and her 9 other siblings behind. Despite her difficult childhood, Tia graduated our WFF program on December 22, 2013! She has maintained her full time job at Fabiolos Restaurant in Hollywood, CA. She moved here from Ohio to become a police officer and says she is still pursuing her dreams.

Cynthia A.

After escaping an abusive relationship and sleeping on the streets for three months, Cynthia came to Food on Foot looking for a new beginning. She graduated the Work For Food program on August 3, 2014 and is working full time at Napa Valley Grille. Cynthia’s growth in our program has been remarkable and we are so proud of her. Full Story

Sonia M.

Sonia graduated from the Work For Food (WFF) program in 2006 and is still employed at Whole Foods in Beverly Hills, CA. She has maintained her employment and her housing after receiving a hand up from Food on Foot over eight years ago. "The program taught me patience for my everyday challenges, motivation to keep going, and the knowledge that my labor will bear fruit." – Sonia M. Full Story

Gabriel D.

Gabriel D. has a full time job at the Fubar Restaurant in West Hollywood. He has his own apartment in Hollywood and is completely self-supporting and off all government assistance. He joins the growing list of WFF graduates now giving back to their community, and we invite you to meet him at an upcoming Sunday serving. We are so proud of our Work for Food program that turns tax burdens into tax payers.

Kim P.

Sunday, February 7, will be a day Kim P. will remember forever as she was presented with her certificate of graduation from our Work For Food (WFF) program. Kim has full time employment at Amoeba Music in Hollywood and is completely self sufficient. She is in her own apartment after being part of the homeless population for many years. We are so proud of her, and look forward to many more graduates entering the workforce and leaving all government assistance.

Deborah S.

We are so proud of Deborah S. who graduated our program on 6/29/08 and has been working full-time at Food 4 Less in Hollywood ever since. Deborah maintains complete self-sufficiency and no longer requires government assistance.