Top 4 Ways You can Help the Homeless of Los Angeles

Did you hear the news?

A new report shows that homelessness in Los Angeles has risen 23% since 2016. Now, there’s over 57,000 homeless people living on the streets of our city.

Even Mayor Eric Garcetti says that there’s “no sugarcoating the bad news.”

But here’s some GREAT news. The Los Angeles based nonprofit Food on Foot helps homeless people leave the streets with jobs, skills and confidence. Volunteers with Food on Foot can also distribute hot, nutritious meals on any Sunday in Hollywood. With over 20 years experience, Food on Foot has proven methods that WORK.

Food on Foot accepts no government funds, thanks to the support from its generous donors and volunteers. With the help of people like you, Food on Foot’s homeless clients are nurtured without restrictions, and are given the quality time and assistance they need in order to leave the streets as self sustaining members of society.

Top 4 Ways You Can Help the Homeless of Los Angeles

1. Distribute Food and Clothing on ANY Sunday in Hollywood.

As a volunteer, YOU can distribute food and clothing to up to 200 poor and homeless people at our serving location in Hollywood.

Volunteers must register online and make a $25 donation to attend a serving. The donation is used to purchase the food and food gift cards you help distribute during the serving. Children ages 6 and up are welcome! (Anyone under 18 must be accompanied by an adult).


Sign up to Volunteer

2. Make the Biggest Impact – Help a Homeless Person Gain Employment, Housing and Life-Skills

Want to change a homeless person’s life?

Join Food on Foot’s $98 Club and be a part of the 500+ community of awesome supporters!

Your generous monthly contribution of $98 provides the tools, resources and education the homeless desperately need in order to leave the streets and take control of their lives.

Your Club membership provides:

      • Full-time job opportunities
      • Fully-furnished apartments
      • A life-skills education (job interview training, money management, crisis management)
      • Group and 1-on-1 therapy sessions
      • Aftercare services for graduates of the jobs program

“Food on Foot is getting it right.
It’s like teaching people to fish and become self-sufficient
as opposed to handing them a fish for the day. ”

Joshua Fine, $98 Club member

Join the $98 Club!

3. Make a gift – Help provide bus passes, interview clothes and work uniforms.

You can give our homeless participants the freedom of mobility! Your generous gift today will help purchase much needed monthly bus passes which enable our homeless clients to arrive to Food on Foots programs, job interviews, and jobs.

Your support will also help the homeless receive proper interview clothes and required work uniforms and boots.

Please Make a Gift

4. Sponsor a Hollywood Sunday Serving!

Would you like to help the homeless with your friends or family members? Are you looking for a great bonding experience with your co-workers? How about celebrating a birthday or Bar / Bat Mitzvah while giving back?

Sponsor a Sunday Hollywood serving!

You and 20-30 family members, friends, or co-workers will volunteer as a private group on a Sunday. Your sponsorship gift will cover the entire cost of the food for the serving, and for the prizes for our homeless workers in our jobs program.

If you’d like to sponsor a Sunday Serving, please visit our sponsorship page at