Your donations do more than help us feed and find jobs for the homeless

A bus pass gives me the freedom of mobility so that I can get to my job interviews





When you’re homeless, a lack of mobility, especially in LA, can mean missing out on the job interview that could turn your life around.

To make matters worse, many homeless people are so desperate for transportation, they risk receiving a heavy fine by sneaking onto buses and trains without buying a ticket.

Thanks to your support, we award monthly bus passes each week ($100 value) to the top workers in our program.

Would you like to see the difference you are making in homeless people’s lives? You can volunteer on a Sunday. Click here to volunteer. You’ll be able to distribute food to grateful homeless people. You’ll also get to participate in the Work for Food awards ceremony. You’ll see our top workers win prizes like bus passes and gift cards in this touching ceremony. Join us!

My trash cleaning route puts me in the habit of completing my tasks and accomplishing my goals without quitting myself






“I used to give up so easily. When I was 23, I was passionate about boxing, but I quit because I thought I wasn’t good enough. I ended up on the streets but I found Food on Foot. Now, with my cleaning route, I can come to work every day and do the best I can at this job. I am accomplishing my goals now. I am NOT giving up. Food on Foot is teaching me to stop quitting on myself.” – Ron H. 

When the homeless pick up trash on their daily routes, they feel a sense of pride at a job well done. As our clients show up week after week, they build up positive habits like time management skills, perseverance, and responsibility. These skills help them in their future jobs when they leave our program.

Volunteer now! When you volunteer, you can give food to homeless people. You can listen to their heartwarming stories, and see how they achieve their goals. It’s a life changing experience. Join us!

Food on Foot gave me additional work opportunities so that I could buy the barber tools I needed for my job





Jesse is a barber who is also homeless.

After his barber tools were stolen, Food on Foot provided Jesse with new set of tools in exchange for taking on additional trash cleaning routes.

We take NO government assistance. This means we are able to do things like buy barber tools. Our independence allows us to focus on each of our participant’s individual needs in order to help them achieve self-sufficiency. And we couldn’t do it without you!

Our clients have many barriers to self sufficiency. Homeless people don’t just need a place to live.

  • They need to develop a work ethic.
  • They need to develop responsibility.
  • They need to set and meet goals for themselves.

At Food on Foot, thanks to our incredible donors, we help our clients do just that. Each homeless person in our care gets tools resources and the moral support they need. With our Work for Food program, the homeless make their accomplishments long lasting. This is why 8 out of 10 people are still in their jobs one year later.

You can see the magic happen, every Sunday. We look forward to seeing you one Sunday soon!

Thank you so much for caring about LA’s homeless,

Jay Goldinger
Food on Foot