Volunteer on Thanksgiving:
Serve Food to the Homeless on Thanksgiving Day!

Over 300 People Will Thank You!

When you volunteer on Thanksgiving day, you do more than help provide meals to the poor and homeless.

When they see your smiling face, you show them that they have not been forgotten.

For many homeless people who come through our food line on Thanksgiving, YOU will be one of the only people who smiles and interacts with them all day.

And this small gesture can mean the world to someone who doesn’t have a warm house and family to come home to on Thanksgiving.

How Can I Volunteer and Help the Homeless on Thanksgiving?

As a volunteer, you will help distribute food and gift cards to our most vulnerable neighbors in need. 
Volunteer positions are full, but there are a few volunteer sponsor positions available. Volunteer sponsor positions require a $250 donation per person.

Why? Food on Foot is a nonprofit that does not accept government funds. We operate this way in order provide high quality care without restrictions. As a result, we depend on YOUR generous support to help fund our programming.
As a volunteer sponsor, your generous gift will go towards the following:
  • The cost of food and gift cards you will help distribute on Thanksgiving
  • Food gift cards and prizes for the top workers in our Work for Food program. Graduates from this program leave the streets with a full-time job, housing, a life-skills education and a huge boost in confidence!
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"By volunteering with Food on Foot, you are helping those in need and in turn, receive a gift of kindness, thankfulness, and an opportunity to pay it forward. It's humbling and makes you step back and look at the blessings you have."
- Dawn Mott, $98 Club member & Volunteer
When and Where is the Serving?
Where: The serving will take place on Thanksgiving Day at 1625 N. Schrader Blvd. in Hollywood.

When: The serving will go from 2:00pm to 5:00pm, leaving plenty of time for your family plans later in the evening. Please arrive promptly at 2:00pm

A few volunteer opportunities remain.
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Volunteer Positions Are Filling Up Fast!

Please be a Thanksgiving volunteer and fill our vulnerable neighbor’s hearts with joy.

Serve Food to the Homeless on Thanksgiving!
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You can also sign up over the phone. Give us a ring! (310) 860-0022

We are so grateful for your support in helping the poor and homeless of Los Angeles. Thank you!  

Jay Goldinger
Food on Foot
(310) 860-0022