Junior Tzedakah Club

(for kids 12-16 years old)

Looking for a Tzedakah Project for a Bar or Bat Mitzvah?

Be a part of the growing Food on Foot Junior Tzedakah family:

Help the homeless of Los Angeles earn their way off the streets with jobs and confidence!

Supporting the homeless through Food on Foot is an excellent way to give back to the less fortunate while continuing on the wonderful journey of tikkun olam.

How You Can Help

Junior Tzedakah Club

Be a Junior Tzedakah Club member and give the gift of food!

Your generous monthly gift of $36, with a one-year-commitment, will help provide food to the poor and homeless people during our Sunday Servings in Hollywood.

All-Star Tzedakah Club

Give the gift of mobility by being an All-Star Tzedakah Club member!

Your incredible monthly gift of $72, with a one-year-commitment, will help our homeless participants in the Work for Food program receive food gift cards and monthly bus passes.

Bus passes help our homeless participants arrive on time to Food on Foot's programs, job interviews, and jobs!

Sponsor a Serving

Distribute food and clothing to the poor and homeless people in Hollywood with your very own private group!

Invite 20-30 friends and family members.

Your generous one-time gift of $1,818 will be used to purchase the food you will distribute that day.

Your donation will also be used to purchase the gift cards you will present to the top homeless workers during the awards ceremony at the end of the day.

Tzedakah Club Benefits

Volunteering with Food on Foot requires a $25 donation per person.

But as a Tzedakah Club member, you can volunteer and distribute food and clothing on any Sunday for free.

Please note that all children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult who is required to register online and donate $25 to attend a serving.

Want to Join the Junior Tzedakah Club?

We would love to hear from you! Please call Food on Foot at (310) 860-0022

We'd me more than happy to answer any question you have regarding our Tzedakah Club levels and how you can help the homeless of Los Angeles.