Volunteers of the Week

08/27/2018 - Oppenheim Group Sponsorship

We would like to give a HUGE thanks to the Oppenheim Group for sponsoring our August 27th Sunday Serving and for their big-hearted sponsorship donation of $20,000. Not only did they distribute food to 180 homeless and low income individuals, but their amazing sponsorship gift will go towards helping more homeless people earn their way off the streets with full-time jobs and housing.

07/30/2018 - Natasha Mullan - $98 Club member

Food on Foot’s cause is very close to my heart because they help the homeless in the long-run by rebuilding lives. Although I regularly give food to the homeless, I wanted to provide something more than just a temporary solution. I began looking towards helping to rehabilitate individuals who are seeking a support system and guidance towards a second chance. All it takes is an unfortunate incident or circumstance to end up in such a difficult situation, and the least we can do as outsiders is to provide hope and aid for those in need.

The thing I love most about Food on Foot is that not only does it provide meals to those in need on a weekly basis, but they also provide a careful step-by-step rehabilitation program with guidance and goals towards reconstructing a new life. It is incredibly rewarding to be able to create second chances and rebuild the confidence and hope of those who feel they have lost everything.

Nothing gives me more joy and perspective on life when seeing the smiles, kindness and sincere gratitude from those in need, not to mention the pleasure derived from recognizing familiar faces and witnessing their individual hard work, accomplishments and progress.

07/23/2018 - Ben Smith and Sarah Rohr - $149 Couples Club members

Food on Foot gives the opportunity to assist those that are less fortunate and hopefully make their day a little easier.

The thing I like the most about Food on Foot is the extent of the support that is available to the homeless participants of the program, not only once they graduate but the ongoing relationship available to them.

When I volunteered, one of the program graduates spoke of his journey to sobriety and the help from Food on Foot. One aspect that was most notable was when he spoke about being in a position which he able to care for his cat again, what that meant to him and the value that brought to his life. Food on Foot supports the homeless not only through the program but beyond and into a sustainable and healthy lifestyle.

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