Volunteers of the Week

06/18/2018 - The Ducard Family - $225 Family Club members

For me, Food on Foot is an incredible organization made up of great people who have an outsized positive impact on the homeless community.

I love spending time helping people in need and being with a group of great people working hard to restart their lives and help others.

Volunteering while serving food and organizing clothes for those in need are simple and powerful acts: The graciousness and positivity that you receive is far more than anything you give.

06/10/2018 - Richard and Allison Wenk - $149 Couples Club members

Food on Foot offers the best version of ourselves on display. It’s a way to give back, reach out and be helpful to homeless people who are in need.

What I like about Food on Foot is the up close, hands on approach to rebuilding someone’s battered soul. They are re-educating and re-tooling people who’ve struggled on their own.

When I volunteered, it was heartening to see the results and successes the program has accomplished. I loved hearing the success stories and how those who have benefited from the program are giving back as well.

06/04/2018 - Tia Carrere - $98 Club

Food on Foot is a way out of what can be a never-ending downward cycle of homelessness. It is a roadmap for success.

I like that the program involves participants with accountability and regular volunteerism on their part.

I loved how one of the volunteer winners of the day- a guy you probably wouldn’t speak to walking down the street- was so touched with his honor that he broke down and cried in front of us all as he expressed his gratitude. It touched all our hearts to share the vulnerability of this guy who looks so tough on the outside.

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