Volunteers of the Week

04/16/2018 - Catherine Sarkisian - $98 Club member, and JP Wong

Food on Foot gives me hope about the future of the world and inspires me to try to be a better person. In contrast to a lot of the ugliness in the world, Food on Foot is a community where you feel like everyone is really trying to be a good person and contribute to a better, more just community and world.

It touched me that the graduate Patrick thanked the volunteers for using people’s real names when speaking to them. This is something I have tried to teach my kids since they were little - that every human interaction should be an opportunity to connect in some way - but I think hearing this directly from Patrick did more to reinforce this point to my son than anything I have said.

04/16/2018 - Christine and Cayden Campbell - Family Club members

Helping one person at the time is very important to me because it makes a big difference in their lives.

What I like most about Food on Foot is their direct contact with homeless people, their success rate and the fact that it gives people back their lives

04/16/2018 - Anil and Dhru Goud - Family Club members

Supporting Food on Foot is an opportunity to allow for me and my son, Dhru, to contribute to society in a meaningful way. Dhru has been eager to find ways to make a difference and Food on Foot allows me to help him fulfill that desire. My older son, Ian, has Autism and he continuously teaches us valuable lessons. From him and having people help me through my missteps, I have learned to be more empathetic to the challenges of all people, which I try to teach Dhru.

I am so impressed with Food on Foot’s model. Feeding people is no doubt a noble cause. Helping them gain employment is also noteworthy. But to have considered all the challenges in helping someone rebuild their life from food, shelter, hygiene, and transportation needs during this time of transition, then help them build a savings so they can transition to independence is so well thought out and simply amazing. - Anil Goud

I think all people should have the right to a basic standard of living. Food on Foot allows me to help people achieve that goal.

Many of the volunteer organizations seem to feed those in need, but they don't seem to help them become independent. Food on Foot seems to have been able to make a difference.

Everyone that is part of the program seemed to be very nice and the people in the program (Green Shirts) seem to be taking this opportunity to rebuild their lives which made me feel hopeful that this organization will be able to do the same for many more. - Dhru Goud

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