Volunteers of the Week

09/12/2017 - Alexis Kukkonen - $98 Club member

We would like to thank the wonderful Alexis Kukkonen for raising over $300 for Food on Foot with her "Lemon-Aid" stand during a local outdoors music show. As one of the youngest members of the $98 Club, Alexis is truly showing how giving back can have a positive impact in her community.

"To raise money for Food on Foot, I created a lemon "aid" stand where I sold lemonade, cookies and brownies at music in the park in my town. Helping Food on Foot means a lot to me because it gives me an opportunity to help other people and not only think about myself. The best part of volunteering with Food on Foot is when I see all the people with smiles on their faces." - Alexis Kukkonen.

08/27/2017 - Odenkirk Provissiero Sponsorship

We would like to give a HUGE thank you to Bob Odenkirk and Marc Provissiero for sponsoring our Sunday serving, along with AMC and WME.

With their help, 180 people received a hot, nutritious meal. Their wonderful sponsorship gift went towards helping more homeless people leave the streets with full-time jobs and confidence.

08/24/2017 - Adrienne Serviss ($98 Club member, Board Member & Sponsor) and Stan Faulkenstein ($98 Club member)

Food on Foot is successfully tackling a huge challenge(homelessness / poverty) one individual at a time. We see the positive results every time I attend a Sunday serving.

Food on Foot actually has a 2 fold meaning for me. First , it is a way to carry on the legacy of an exceptional woman in our family who created a not for profit, the Marilyn S. Broad Foundation. Marilyn was a gifted, talented, successful professional woman who felt that the best gift she could leave her family was an ability to share her good fortune with others while keeping our own extended family bonded and purposeful, not just for the present generation of Serviss' but for future generations as well.

Secondly, I work with young people in a large public high school and while most come from functional, loving family environments there are students who attend school daily who must deal with many challenges that negatively impact their ability to function in their main job, that of being a successful student. These challenges are beyond the control of these young people and can include disabilities and health issues, as well as family and financial issues. Food on Foot provides me with a perspective that allows me to see first hand how these circumstances can impact my students' educational goals.

I like the fact that Food on Foot is local. It is benefiting my neighbors, people in my community and, perhaps, even the families of my students. The best experiences I have had while working on Sunday's is hearing the stories of those who have been successful in becoming working, confident citizens of our community. It renews my faith in the human spirit.

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