Work for Food Program

The Work for Food program assists the homeless with the tools and resources needed to leave the streets of Los Angeles with a life-skills education, a full-time job, housing they can afford, and the confidence needed to make their accomplishments long lasting.

With your help, we are able to NURTURE our homeless clients without restrictions, and give them the quality time and assistance to meet their unique and individual needs.

By joining the $98 Club todayYOU can play an active role in helping our homeless clients earn their way off the streets as fully-employed and self-sufficient members of society.

The majority of the Work for Food funding comes from individuals in our $98 Club.  Through this club, we are able to assist up to 30 participants each week in the program.

How you help the homeless in our program

Life Skills Training:

Your generous donations allow us to provide the high-quality care and support our homeless clients desperately need in order to become self-sufficient and productive members of society.  This includes:

  • Interview training
  • Money management
  • Crisis management
  • Group therapy sessions
  • Opportunities to give back by cleaning up trash and debris around Hollywood


Your wonderful donations also help us provide our homeless clients with the tools and resources they need while in the Work for Food program.  This includes:

  • A full-time job (which we help find for each client)
  • Rent for their fully-furnished apartment (while in the program)
  • Work clothes
  • Bus passes
  • Cell phone
  • Food


Once our clients accumulate $5,000 in paycheck savings from their full-time job, they graduate the program with a $5,000 savings account, their own full-time job, and an apartment they can afford.  Most importantly, the homeless clients which you help graduate with a renewed sense of confidence.  But your support doesn’t stop there. Your donations also provide the follow up and aftercare necessary to help our clients stay in the job and overcome obstacles as they arise during their first few months of employment.

Empower our Homeless Neighbors
With A New Life Off The Streets!