Food on Foot has served the same meal at the same location at the same time, each and every Sunday, for over 18 years. Consistency breeds trust, and that trust is the first step to building a relationship that can deliver people from the streets. The next step is maintaining a consistent support system with the invaluable contributions of our volunteers; they are the heart of Food on Foot and key to its success. Please consider becoming involved. The gesture of an hour of your time does more to remind someone that they haven't been forgotten than anything else.


Give Online - It's the quickest and easiest way to make a donation! Nearly 100% of your donation goes toward the purchase of much needed food and food gift cards.

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Every week, volunteers from around the city gather and help distribute food and clothing. All it takes is an hour of your time on a Sunday. Show up once. Or twice. Or every week. You decide. Use our online volunteer sign-up, it's surprisingly easy – and a few hundred people will thank you for it.

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