Jobs & Housing Program

A path towards self-sufficiency and a new life off the streets

Food on Foot’s Jobs & Housing program helps employable individuals and families experiencing homelessness to secure employment, housing, life-skills training, and long-term self-sufficiency.

Together, we are able to NURTURE our program members without restrictions, and provide quality care and assistance to meet their unique and individual needs.

“This program has given me a better outlook on life
and I feel I can do anything I set my mind to.”

Aiman T. – Jobs & Housing Alumni

The Go TEAM is the introductory phase of the Jobs & Housing Program. In this 16-week phase, Food on Foot provides life-skills training with the goal of earning stable employment and/or permanent housing to program members currently experiencing homelessness.

Seeds & Success Phase (5 weeks)

Workshops for those needing shelter, employment, identification, and/or access to a cell phone, securing a bank account, and getting job ready.

Self-Sufficiency Phase (5 weeks)

Job readiness workshops focusing on financial literacy, resume building, finding/maintaining housing and employment, and short-term goal setting.

Personal Growth Phase  (5 weeks)

Job readiness workshops that expand personal life-skills including boundary setting, public speaking, and self-care routine.

Graduation/Preparing to become CREW Phase (1 week)

With a job secured, review of rules and responsibilities of CREW members, working on developing personal story or speech that will be presented to volunteers during Food on Foot’s Sunday Serving food distribution events.

CREW = Change, Recovery, Education and Work – These components provide long-term success for our now housed and employed CREW Team members.

CREW members are also part-time, paid seasonal Food on Foot “Operations Associates.” Here, they  help set-up and break down Food on Foot’s weekly Sunday Serving meal distribution events, and check-in volunteers. 

CREW Team Members:

  • Are no longer experiencing homelessness.
  • Are Employed and housed.
  • Gain enhanced life-skills training.
  • Mentor and supervise Go Team members.
  • Receive ongoing rental subsidies to ensure stable and permanent housing.
  • Work towards saving $5,000 in employment earnings.
  • Set goals for long-term self sufficiency.

Once a CREW member accumulates $5,000 in paycheck savings, they graduate the program and become Jobs & Housing Alumni.

Upon graduating from the program, Food on Foot creates a positive community that provides ongoing inclusion and support, a connection to network of vital resources, and the opportunity to give back to their neighbors in need.

  • Maintain coaching and volunteer mentor relationships.
  • Mentor Go Team and CREW Team members through volunteerism.
  • Facilitates workshops in collaboration with volunteers.
  • Rent subsidies for qualified applicants (bi-weekly service at Food on Foot’s Sunday events is required to receive rent subsidies).
  • Self-sufficiency is achieved when additional subsidies are no longer needed.
  • Lifelong Alumni membership.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

We strengthen our community by providing unique membership opportunity for both Food on Foot supporters and our Jobs & Housing program members.

  • Volunteers and supporters help people experiencing homelessness through donated time, skills, resources, and financial support.
  • Jobs & Housing program members and alumni work side-by-side with community volunteer members to advocate and provide support for one another.

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Got a talent or skillset you’d like to share with our Jobs & Housing members? You can host a workshop on resume building, time management, public speaking and more!

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