Los Angeles Rent Hikes
Are Forcing People Onto The Streets

You Can Help Rebuild Their Lives

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You Can Help Someone Like Robert

Robert never thought he would be homeless.

Especially because he had a full-time job.

Guess what?

Even though he was working full time, rising rent forced Robert onto the streets.

Although he continued to work, he just couldn’t find an affordable place to live.

So he spent his nights sleeping on the stairs outside a church in Hollywood.

Soon, his confidence and self-worth spiraled away….and so did his work hours.

Your support TODAY will help someone like Robert regain self-respect.

From there, you will empower them with full-time employment and permanent housing they can afford.

You did this for Robert, but there are so many more hard-working homeless people who need your help. Please, can you help us reach our goal of $10,000 today?

Yes! I Want To Help Our Homeless Neighbors Take Control Of Their Lives!

“Having my own apartment gives me emotional comfort. I feel comfortable knowing that I can go home, shut the door behind me and have my privacy. It’s my own space. I can sleep in my own bed and make my own food. It’s this independence that gives me confidence.” - Robert C., Food on Foot Graduate


A new study shows that a minimum wage employee will now has to work 79 hours a week just to afford a one-bedroom apartment in LA.

As a result, 53% of all newly homeless people are on the streets due to economic reasons.


Your one-time gift TODAY will help the economically homeless before they slip into CHRONIC HOMELESSNESS.

You will help them graduate off the streets with full-time jobs and apartments.

But Your Help Doesn’t Stop There…

The graduates YOU HELP are able to AFFORD THEIR APARTMENT with rent subsidies.

This allows our graduates to AFFORD TO LIVE while working full-time in Los Angeles.

Why Are My Donations Needed?

Food on Foot does not take government support.

This way, we can provide high-quality care without restrictions.

Because of YOU, an astounding 85% of our graduates are still employed for over a year.

Please make a one-time gift today and help us reach our $20,000 goal. Your gift will provide IMMEDIATE support in helping our homeless neighbors receive full-time jobs, affordable housing with subsidized rent, a life-skills education and a HUGE boost in confidence.

Yes! I Want To Help Food On Foot Reach Their $20,000 Goal By August 1st

You Will Provide A New Future For Our Homeless Clients

A New Life Off The Streets

Your amazing gift of $500 will empower our homeless neighbors will a full-time job, housing with rent subsidies, a life skills education, and confidence.


A Confident Worker

Your wonderful gift of $250 will help purchase new work clothes, required work boots, and haircuts: The little things which make a real difference when starting a new job.


The Gift of Transportation

When you give $100, you will give our clients the monthly bus passes they so desperately need to go to our programming and to and from work.


9 Nutritious Meals

Your gift of $50 will provide nine hot, healthy, and nutritious meals to the homeless people who attend our weekly Sunday servings.


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