Volunteer During Food on Foot's
Christmas Holiday Serving

Show your LOVE this holiday season! Help distribute food, hygiene products, gift cards & Bombas socks to our homeless neighbors.
Sunday, December 22nd: 2:00pm - 5:00pm - Hollywood


Help Our Homeless Neighbors
Leave The Streets For Good!

Your wonderful gift today will help our homeless neighbors
earn their way off the streets!
Jobs, Housing, Life-Skills, Confidence

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Please Help Our Homeless Neighbors
This Holiday Season

You Can Help Rebuild Their Lives

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(pictured above)

Kay was homeless and living on the streets of LA.

She looked for help, but was rejected by many other organizations.


Because she was "high functioning":

She didn't do drugs, and she wasn't on disabilities.

“ I didn't do drugs, and I'm not mentally ill. There was literally no place for me to go; no program out there for me, until I found Food on Foot. This program works. I'm so grateful to you.”
Kay M., Food on Foot Graduate

Your gifts to Food on Foot help the high functioning homeless who fall through the cracks from other organizations.

Many of these people are homeless because of LA's out-of-control rent hikes.

With your help, Kay has regained her independence with a full-time job and her own apartment.

Here she is proudly signing her apartment lease!

You Will Provide A New Future For Our Homeless Clients

A New Life Off The Streets

Your amazing gift of $500 will empower our homeless neighbors will a full-time job, housing with rent subsidies, a life skills education, and confidence.


A Confident Worker

Your wonderful gift of $250 will help purchase new work clothes, required work boots, and haircuts: The little things which make a real difference when starting a new job.



The Gift of Transportation

When you give $100, you will give our clients the monthly bus passes they so desperately need to go to our programming and to and from work.



9 Nutritious Meals

Your gift of $50 will provide nine hot, healthy, and nutritious meals to the homeless people who attend our weekly Sunday servings.




53% of newly homeless people are on the streets due to economic reasons.

Many of these people are rejected from other organizations.

Your one-time gift TODAY will help the economically homeless before they slip into CHRONIC HOMELESSNESS.

You will help them graduate off the streets with full-time jobs and apartments.

But Your Help Doesn’t Stop There…

The graduates YOU HELP are able to AFFORD THEIR APARTMENT with rent subsidies.

This allows our graduates to AFFORD TO LIVE while working full-time in Los Angeles.

Why Are My Donations Needed?

Food on Foot does not take government support.

This way, we can provide high-quality care without restrictions.

Because of YOU, an astounding 85% of our graduates are still employed for over a year.

Please make a one-time gift before the year is up. Your gift will provide IMMEDIATE support in helping our homeless neighbors receive full-time jobs, affordable housing with subsidized rent, a life-skills education and a HUGE boost in confidence.

Yes! I Want To Help Our Homeless Neighbors In Need

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