Your Club Membership EMPOWERS Our Homeless Neighbors

As a Food on Foot Club member, you are doing more than feeding people.

You are helping people leave the streets for good!

Your membership’s monthly gift helps us assist up to 30 homeless participants each week in our Work for Food program. The people you help through this program receive a life-skills education, job interview skills and most importantly, the confidence needed to graduate and leave the streets with a full-time job and housing they can afford.

Your membership is key to achieving an astonishing level of impact – 85% of the homeless individuals we find full-time jobs for are still employed one year later.

By design, we do everything we can to help homeless people become self-sufficient. Your tax-deductible Club membership directly supports our work in helping people find jobs and leave the streets.

Choose The Club Membership That’s Right For YOU:

$98 Club

The $98 Club membership is perfect for any individual who wants to make a HUGE impact in helping our homeless neighbors.

$149 Couples Club

Share the LOVE with your significant other. Join the Couples Club and the two of you can help our homeless neighbors together!

$225 Family Club

There’s no better feeling than giving back as a FAMILY! Join the Family Club and help our homeless neighbors with your loved ones.