For 1,000 weeks we’ve been helping people get off the streets and into jobs.

Now, we need your help to do more.

Could you please give now to help us serve for 1,000 more weeks?

Why should you give?

Because of Cynthia.

Cynthia has a PhD.
Cynthia is homeless.

She has a Bachelor’s Degree in English as well as a PhD in English from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

She taught English for four years at the Bachelor’s level at Purdue University in Columbus, Indiana.

Education doesn’t save you. Homelessness could happen to you.

How did Cynthia become homeless?

When her parents died from cancer, Cynthia was overcome by grief. She decided to become a massage therapist. Then she fell in love and moved out to California.

Then Cynthia’s boyfriend turned physically abusive. That relationship further broke her down mentally and physically.

With no place to go, Cynthia was at a dead end.

When she came to Food on Foot, she had no way out of the homeless shelter, and was living day to day. After weeks of showing up on time, cleaning the streets, and showing us that she could be consistent, Cynthia has received her apartment, her job, and a hand up, not a hand out from homelessness.

Thank you for helping Cynthia. In honor of our 1,000th week of service, can you give to help people like Cynthia, now?

Now Cynthia is a tax-paying member of society again. She’s working at Jillian’s Universal City in maintenance. She is so grateful for her new start in life.

Cynthia could have stayed homeless.

Why didn’t Cynthia stay homeless?

Because instead of just giving Cynthia a handout of food, your donation to Food on Foot helped her establish a routine, secure full-time employment, obtain an apartment, and start a savings account.

We helped her not just eat for a night, but eat for many nights to come.

You can help even more people with your generous donation of $250, $500, or $1000 today.

Won’t you please help change a life with the gift of food and a hand up, not out?

What makes us different?

Food on Foot is not like other nonprofits that just give a homeless person food. We do help people eat, but much more than that, we help them:

  • Stay off the street, for good
  • Secure full-time employment
  • Obtain an apartment
  • Start their savings and
  • Become tax-paying citizens.

When you consider where your charitable dollars will do the longest lasting good, consider giving to Food on Foot, to help more and more people escape a life of poverty, neglect, and hunger.

We don’t just give food. We give self-respect and a new start in life. We give people a chance to become tax-paying citizens, and stop being a burden on society.

Please, give generously, today.


Jay Goldinger
Food on Foot

P.S. You can help people just like Cynthia, today. Hunger won’t end unless we do something about it. Won’t you give and help keep us going for another 1000 weeks?