If you volunteered during a recent Sunday Serving, there’s a good chance you met our graduate Roy S.

Roy shows up to almost every Sunday serving. He happily chats with the volunteers and even mentors the homeless participants in our Work for Food program.

During a Sunday serving, Roy met actor and director Michael Rosenbaum.

Michael is a devoted $98 Club member and frequent volunteer.

When Michael met Roy, he knew he’d  be a perfect fit for his podcast, Inside of You with Michael Rosenbaum.

Michael interviews celebrities and athletes while getting personal and intimate about life, adversity, and mental health.

For this episode, he felt it was important to discuss the homeless epidemic and ways you can help through Food on Foot.

In the short clip below, Roy opens up about the dangers of living on the streets, what motivated him to succeed, and ways you can help others like Roy.

Stream the Interview Here

Where is Roy now?

Roy is happily working at Farrar Grinding Company where he creates parts for aerospace, cars, and other industries.

Roy recently received a promotion and is currently training another Work for Food graduate, Darrell M.

Roy also volunteers his time to help Food on Foot.

On Sunday mornings, Roy eagerly chats with the shoppers at the Hollywood Farmers’ Market. Here, he describes his success story, and how people can help others just like him.

 According to Roy: “I love telling my Food on Foot story – how I got my job, and how I’m not sleeping in a tent any more. Also, by advertising the program, I can help others who need help just like I did. It’s a wonderful thing!”

Because of your support, Roy is a shining example of the empowering life-skills and positive habits our homeless participants receive through the Work for Food program. Thank you.

We would also like to extend our gratitude to Michael Rosenbaum for interviewing Roy, and for supporting Food on Foot through his volunteer efforts and the $98 Club.

You can listen to Michael’s podcast, Inside Of You, on streaming platforms and on his website HERE