We would like to thank the amazing Alexis Kukkonen for raising  $328 for Food on Foot with her “Lemon-Aid” stand during a local outdoor music event.

Alexis’ wonderful gift will go towards helping more homeless people as they transition off the streets and into full-time jobs and permanent housing.

As one of the youngest members of the $98 Club, Alexis is truly showing how giving back can have a positive impact in her community. 

“To raise money for Food on Foot, I created a “Lemon-Aid” stand where I sold lemonade, cookies and brownies at music in the park in my town. Helping Food on Foot means a lot to me because it gives me an opportunity to help other people and not only think about myself. The best part of volunteering with Food on Foot is when I see all the people with smiles on their faces.” – Alexis Kukkonen, $98 Club member.

What’s the $98 Club?

The $98 Club is a community of nearly 500 Food on Foot supporters and volunteers.
When you join the $98 Club, you will make a HUGE impact in the lives of the homeless. Your club support will give the homeless of Los Angeles a second chance at life by providing them with full-time job opportunities, housing, life-skills and confidence.

Want to learn more about how your $98 Club membership will help the homeless? Click HERE

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