Dear Food on Foot family,

I realize these are difficult and uncertain times. I sincerely hope that you and your family are coping with the very real threat of the Coronavirus and its unprecedented disruptions to your daily life.

The impact of this crisis is also being felt by our Work for Food (Jobs & Housing) program Gray Shirts and graduates, many of which have now lost their jobs.

These incredible men and women truly personify the goals and successes of Food on Foot. They frequently volunteer their time and mentor many homeless individuals to achieve that same success.

Please Help Our Gray Shirts and Grads Stay Housed and Safe

Losing a job is devastating and can lead someone back into homelessness:

  • Although there is an eviction freeze, missed rent still needs to be paid back eventually.
  • Unemployment checks are a fraction of what someone usually makes
  • A loss of income can lead to spiraling debt
  • Losing a job can dramatically lower self confidence

How Your Generous Gift Helps

Your gift during this crisis will help pay for:

  • Rent for their apartments
  • Crisis management via phone
  • Counseling via phone
  • Food gift cards
  • Life-skills education

Your gift will also help us continue to distribute food on Sundays:

We will continue to distribute food with a modified serving, using best practices and only a handful of select help.

Thank you for your generosity during the COVID-19 epidemic.

We rely on the generosity of YOU to keep us going strong while helping keep our vulnerable neighbors safely housed.

Thank you again for your wonderful support. Together, we can prevail and continue to keep our participants off the streets.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at

Best wishes,

Jay Goldinger
Food on Foot

Make A Gift: Change A Life During COVID 19