Want to learn a fancy vocabulary word?

How about Glossophobia?

Yup. That’s a real word. It means “fear of public speaking.”

If you have this fear, you’re not alone. In fact, 75% of us have this fear to some degree.

Many of our incoming homeless clients also have a fear of public speaking. But with your help, our clients rebuild their confidence and communication skills. This gives them a HUGE advantage in finding jobs and succeeding in a new life off the streets.

How public speaking helped Liza find employment

Meet Liza, our newest Work for Food program “Gray Shirt.” (pictured above).

As a Work for Food client, Liza is really strengthening her public speaking skills:

  • She talks to a group of 20 volunteers every Sunday while attending the program.
  • She participates in group therapy sessions with other homeless clients.
  • She engaged in mock interview training with our Clinical Director and Program Director.

Liza’s new communication skills helped her find a job!

Liza was a volunteer at the Trans Latina Coalition. The communication skills she gained at Food on Foot allowed her to speak confidently about her journey as a transgender homeless person.

The Trans Latina Coalition staff were so impressed with Liza’s speaking skills that they hired her as an outreach team member.

 As an outreach member, Liza shares her own transgender stories while promoting the coalition’s mission to other transgender people. 

“The Work for Food program is helping me to invest in myself. It’s preparing me for my new life” – Liza A., Work for Food program Gray Shirt

Volunteers like YOU help our clients gain public speaking skills!


As an awesome volunteer, you do much more than serve hot, healthy meals:

You also help our homeless participants gain empowering communication skills.

Every Sunday, our homeless clients strengthen their public speaking skills by sharing their stories of homelessness and random acts of kindness with volunteers like you. This is such a GREAT way for you to give back while helping our homeless clients take control of their lives. Thank you!

Want to volunteer? It’s easy. Volunteering takes place EVERY Sunday from 3:15 to 5:00pm. Kids ages 6 and up are welcome! Sign up HERE.

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