“This program is too good to be true. There’s NO WAY Food on Foot can get me a full-time job and my own apartment.”

This is how Michael felt. He was so used to rejection that he became skeptical of any organization’s claimed success stories. He had been let down too many times.

You show our homeless clients that change is possible:

When you support food on foot, you create a positive chain reaction.

Every time you help someone leave the streets, you give proof that this program works!

For every job you help someone find, you instill hope in someone else.

You did this for Michael!

Michael F. (pictured above) was doubtful of the Work for Food program. But the Gray Shirts and graduates before him became his mentors. They were the social proof that this program really works.

Because of your generosity, Michael was inspired to:

  • Quit drugs
  • Believe in himself
  • Create a positive path towards success
  • Attend the Work for Food program every week
  • Show positive work-habits while cleaning the streets of Hollywood

All of this hard work paid off!

Because of you, Michael graduated Food on Foot’s work for Food program on May 13, 2018. He now has a full-time job at the Pooch Hotel.  He is also happily living in his new, safe and fully-furnished apartment!!

Better yet, your support helped Michael become a mentor. Because of you, Michael is showing more homeless people that they too can leave homelessness and become a fully-employed member of society. Thank you!

How do our homeless clients earn jobs? Volunteer to find out!

Awesome Food on Foot volunteers distribute food and clothing to homeless people EVERY Sunday in Hollywood.

But volunteering doesn’t stop there:

Each time you volunteer, you get a firsthand look into our larger jobs program called  “Work for Food”. You will meet and hear stories from our grads and incoming participants.  They will open their hearts and show you how proud they are in their new job. Best of all, you will see exactly how you are changing their lives while helping them earn their way off the streets.

Our volunteer opportunities are POPULAR. Reserve your spot today:

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