2018 was a FANTASTIC year for Food on Foot, and we owe it all to YOU.
Because of you:

8,450 meals were served
45 Work for Food clients found full-time jobs

But there’s more…
This week marks our 1200th consecutive week of helping our homeless neighbors!

That’s 23 years of distributing food and finding full-time jobs and housing for our vulnerable neighbors in need.
We couldn’t have reached this milestone without you. Thank you!

You Can Make The Next 1200 Weeks INCREDIBLE!

As we enter into our 1200th week, many homeless people here in Los Angeles are faced with an extreme challenge…

Three underlying factors that prevent a homeless person from leaving the streets are:

  • A lack of confidence
  • A lack of skills
  • A lack of community

With your help, we are able to tackle these factors head-on so that our homeless neighbors can take control of their lives once again.

Your generous gifts EMPOWER our hard-working homeless clients with the tools and resources they need to earn their way into a positive, thriving, self-sufficient, and fully-employed life.

Please make an online gift and help empower our homeless neighbors today.

Change A Life: Make A Gift

Your amazing gift today will help someone like Angelica wake up each day feeling excited to go to work, and to sleep safely every night in their own apartment.  

Angelica was homeless and living on the dangerous streets of Los Angeles.  Because of you, she was able to enter Food on Foot’s Work for Food program.

Here, she regained her confidence, honed in on her skills and got hired at the American Cancer Society.

She also GIVES BACK by volunteering her time with Food on Foot.

Please Help Someone Like Angelica Today

Thank you so much for helping change our homeless neighbors lives for the past 1200 consecutive weeks.

We are so grateful for your support and are excited to continue our next 1200 week journey with you.