In October, we honored $98 Club members Sewlyn and Glynis Gerber for their deep-rooted and long-timed support of Food on Foot.

Throughout the years, Selwyn and Glynis have gone above and beyond by sharing their enthusiasm of Food on Foot and spreading the word of our organization to so many incredible people.

When asked why they give to Food on Foot, Selwyn responded:

In my faith, the greatest obligation that one has on this planet is to engage in acts of charity. The highest act of charity is to enable people to feed themselves and to become self-sufficient.

Not only does Food on Foot achieve this highest charitable purpose, but it does so in a very cost efficient and effective manner.

Food on Foot is an ultra-low overhead operation and I’m confident that the highest possible percentage of whatever we give gets put to charitable purposes. And the beauty of it is that my family and close friends can see the good that Food on Foot does.

Thank you Selwyn and Glynis!  Thank you  for being true supporters and advocates for the homeless you have helped leave the streets throughout the last nine years.

Do you want to make the biggest impact in helping the homeless become self sufficient with a full-time job?  You can join the $98 Club!

Your incredible monthly contribution of $98 will go towards equipping our homeless clients with a wonderful life-skills education, a full-time job, housing they can afford, and the confidence needed to make their accomplishments long lasting!





Thank you for an incredible 2016!

This year, I’d like to give thanks to all of incredible volunteers and supporters like you!   You have done so much for the most vulnerable and neglected people in Los Angeles.  I feel so much gratitude for you.

As a Food on Foot supporter and volunteer, you give the homeless hope.

When you serve food to the homeless on Sundays, you show them that they are not forgotten.  Each time you volunteer, over 150 poor and homeless people spend their Sunday evenings with a full meal in their bellies.  Thank you!!

You can help the homeless leave the streets

The poor and homeless truly appreciate your wonderful support, but there’s still so much more that needs to be done.

Please make the biggest impact and join the $98 Club today.

When you join the $98 Club, you lift up the homeless and provide them with the best thing they could ever ask for: A second chance.

Your incredible monthly contribution through the club doesn’t just put roofs over the heads of our homeless clients.  You empower the homeless with the tools, skills and jobs necessary for them to leave the streets and house themselves.

By joining the $98 Club, you give our clients the gift of confidence and self-worth.  And this is the best gift anyone can receive.

Please give one of the most important gifts this year and join the $98 Club today!

Thank you for caring,

Jay Goldinger
Food on Foot