As homelessness spreads across LA County, more and more companies are giving back to help the community in which they serve.

US Storage Centers is an owner and operator of self-storage facilities across the country. They recently opened a new storage facility in Compton, and have partnered with Food on Foot to help provide much needed resources for the homeless.

How is US Storage Centers helping the homeless?

Food on Foot helps homeless individuals leave the streets with full-time jobs, housing, and a life-skills education.

Every Sunday, Food on Foot holds an awards ceremony for the homeless clients in its jobs and housing program. During this awards ceremony, much needed food gift cards, retail gift cards, and bus passes are awarded. US Storage Centers will provide all of the gift cards and bus passes (value $750) for an upcoming awards ceremony.

US Storage Centers explains: “We recently opened a brand new facility in Compton and are very excited to be a part of this great city. One of US Storage Centers’ core value is giving back to the community. We are always looking to get involved and partner with organizations throughout the city that make the community a better place for everyone. We admire the incredible work Food on Foot does for those who are homeless in Compton and throughout Los Angeles. It’s an honor for us to be providing assistance to those who are taking part in the job and housing program, which is an amazing program that goes above and beyond. Not only does the program assistant in helping find jobs and housing for these individuals, but also guiding them along the way beyond that. Having programs like this available to the Compton community is incredible and we’re happy to be a part of it.”

Although Food on Foot’s programming takes place in Hollywood, its reach extends throughout LA County, including Compton.

Eric W. a recent graduate of Food on Foot earned a full-time job working for Fall Tech, a harness and safety manufacturer in Compton. With the help of Food on Foot, he is now living off the streets with his own full-time job and fully furnished apartment.

For more information on US Storage Center’s Compton facility, please click HERE