Did you know that our 85% success rate is growing?
In fact, this year alone we’ve helped over 40 homeless people find full-time jobs! 
But, I’d like to fill you in on a little secret…
At the core of this success is someone very special…
That person is YOU.
One way you make our jobs program so successful is by helping us provide FREE counseling to our homeless participants and graduates.
Our two INCREDIBLE program directors, Kelsie and Precious provide these counseling sessions in both a group setting, and as one-on-one personal “check-ins”. 

None of this could be done without your support!

Please Give Today To Help Provide More Counseling Sessions

Why are counseling sessions so crucial?

We frequently check in with our homeless clients and graduates because homelessness in and of itself can be incredibly traumatic.
Imagine living on streets with no secure walls or doors with locks. 

You are literally sharing a public space with everyone else around you.

When you’re homeless, you may experience horrible things like being robbed and assaulted.

To make matters worse, many people treat the homeless as if they don’t even exist.

As a result, many homeless people suffer from depression, anxiety, and PTSD.

Won’t you please make a one time gift today? Your support will help our participants receive the much needed support and care they need in order to be successful with their new life off the streets.

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“A lot of homeless people are depressed because they feel like the world just gave up on them.”
John W. – Work for Food Graduate
Graduates leave the streets with their own job and apartment. Can they receive counseling too? 

The answer is YES.

The trauma from being homeless can stay with someone well after they’ve left the streets.
One thing we often hear from our newly housed graduates is this:

After receiving a job and apartment, many graduates stay up at night fearing that all of this will come crashing down.
They fear that they will somehow lose their job.
They’re so fearful of going backwards.
Most of all, they’re so fearful of failing you and everything you’ve helped them receive. 

This is why we provide free aftercare support to our graduates.
Your one-time gift today will help our grads and participants work through the trauma they received from being homeless. You will help them move forward in life and to finally close that door behind them.

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