You changed my life in a HUGE way!

My name is Dometra and almost exactly two years ago today, I moved into my own apartment with a full-time job at Wally’s Wine & Spirits.

After living in the South and going through Hurricanes Rita, Katrina, Gustav, Ike, and Isaac, I relocated back to California to start over again. I had no possessions in this new city, and I quickly struggled to find a job in my field. Before I knew it, I became homeless and ended up living on the streets of Los Angeles.

I was turned down for assistance everywhere I went. Due to the rigid program structure of many providers, being refused assistance is all too common and is a fate I share with many other people who have been homeless.

After struggling to get by, a friend told me about Food on Foot’s “Work for Food program.” My friend explained how they could help me find a full-time job and an apartment.

I came that Sunday and fell in love with it! As I went through the program, I gained new skills and a new outlook on life. Two years ago, on the Monday after Thanksgiving, I started working full-time and achieved another dream of mine: moving into my own fully-furnished apartment.

Food on Foot has been such a blessing for me. I’m still working and loving my job at Wally’s. And I also volunteer with Food on Foot where I help the new homeless folks in the program achieve their life goals. None of this could be done without the incredible support from people like YOU. Thank you! – Dometra J.

Please Help Someone Like Dometra Leave the Streets:
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Please give to Food on Foot to help our vulnerable neighbors gain a new chance at life

Homelessness has jumped up 23% from last year. The causes and circumstances of why vary, but the increases have been most severe among young adults and children. Your support has allowed Food on Foot to have its finger on the pulse of homelessness and, frankly, we have never seen the magnitude of need that is showing up today.

More than 57,000 individuals will be homeless in Los Angeles tonight. Some will sleep in cars, others in the streets. All will dream of a better life.

In addition to serving thousands of hot and healthy meals this year, our proven Work for Food program enables people to leave the streets for good. Your support is the reason why people can go from needing food to being self-sufficient and working full-time jobs!

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How much of an impact will you make?

When you give $100, you will give our clients the monthly bus passes they so desperately need. With a monthly bus pass, a person can get to a job interview or to and from work.

Your wonderful gift of $250 will help people like Dometra thrive and feel confident in their new job. Your generous gift will go towards things like new work clothes, required work-boots, and haircuts – the little things which can make a real difference when starting a new job.

Your amazing gift of $500 will go towards helping more people like Dometra participate in the Work for Food program. We work with them for months to help them change decades’ worth of rejection and self-defeating thoughts. With your amazing gift of $500, we can serve more people who need us.

You can help the homeless earn their way off the streets:
Full-time Jobs, Housing & Confidence!
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Thank you so much for helping the homeless of Los Angeles through Food on Foot. Because of you, more deserving homeless people will leave the streets as fully-employed and self-sustaining members of society.

We couldn’t do the work without YOU

Jay Goldinger
Food on Foot