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Let’s face it…In today’s world, finding employment can be difficult.

And the steady rise of age discrimination in the workforce can make landing a job even harder.

The average age of our homeless Work for Food clients is 47 years old.  And some clients are even in their 60’s.

When you support Food on Foot, you help homeless people receive good jobs without facing discrimination.

This is because we build relationships with employers who CARE.

We make sure the homeless people you help receive the same high-quality care on the job as they receive while in the program. And when our employers care, our clients succeed!

  • Last month, Patrick G., age 61 (pictured on the left), became “employee of the month” at Ocean Prime Restaurant in Beverly Hills.
  • At age 56, Lee D. (pictured on the right) started out as a busboy at Tender Greens. Two years later, he was promoted as a manager. He currently holds this proud position in the Studio City location.

Your kind-hearted gift to Food on Foot will go towards helping our homeless clients, both older and younger, find jobs and ultimately self-sufficiency and success.

Please make a gift today to help more people like Patrick and Lee earn their way off the streets with a full-time job!

We couldn’t do the work without YOU.

Jay Goldinger
Food on Foot

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