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We recently received a heartwarming email from Damon C.

He was a Work for Food participant in 2009.

He is now living in secure housing and loving life.

Better yet, he has a successful career in a thriving agricultural community of the Willamette Valley!

When you support Food on Foot, YOU directly help people like Damon.  Your incredible gifts allow our clients to receive the life-skills they desperately need to make lasting and positive changes. And just like Damon, our clients apply these skills well after attending our programs.  Thank you!

Want to learn more about how you can help the homeless earn their way off the streets with a full-time job? Volunteer on Sundays and help distribute food to the poor and homeless!  While you’re volunteering, you’ll hear about our innovative Work for Food program and how you can make a direct impact in the lives of the homeless.


Damon’s Story:

In 2009, after struggling with addiction, Damon C. became homeless and ended up on Skid Row.

He was living on the streets with nowhere to turn to when his life made a dramatic and positive change:

He received a flyer for Food on Foot’s Work for Food program.

While in the program, Damon learned important skills such as responsibility and perseverance.

And these skills gave Damon the empowering ability to turn his life around.

“Food on Foot kept me disciplined in a time where I was out of control.  The Work for Food program showed me how to show up on time and to be responsible.”

Where is Damon Now?

Damon used his newly acquired skills to continue growing beyond the Work for Food program.

He enrolled in business courses at a local college and came away with a strong education.

Damon is now loving life with a successful, full-time agricultural career outside of Salem, Oregon.

He directly attributes his success to the life changing programs made possible by generous Food on Foot supporters like YOU.

“In many ways, this program was a pivotal stepping stone towards my wonderful career.  The burdens of homelessness can be overwhelming, but I knew that the Work for Food program would allow me to be a part of a great, caring team.”

Please volunteer and see our Work for Food in action!

As a volunteer, you will help distribute food and clothing to the poor and homeless in Hollywood on any Sunday.

You will also hear the incredible stories from our Work for Food program clients and graduates.

You will learn how the Work for Food program equips our clients with valuable life skills.

And these skills help pave a pathway for long-term success.

We are so grateful for your support and we would love to see you volunteer at a Sunday Serving.  Just sign up online here!

We couldn’t do the work without YOU.

Jay Goldinger
Food on Foot