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At Food on Foot, supporters like you fund our programs that help the homeless leave the streets.

With your help, our participants receive a full-time job and housing they can afford.

But most importantly, you help boost our homeless participant’s confidence and self respect.  Thank  You!

We are so happy to announce that on Sunday, August 14th, Adam G. graduated our Work for Food program!

Throughout his time in the program, Adam G. reached substantial milestones including:

  • Showing up and proving himself every week, for 29 consecutive weeks
  • Helping the Hollywood community by cleaning trash and debris off the streets
  • Mentoring new homeless participants in the Work for Food program
  • Helping others in the community through random acts of kindness each week
  • Earning a full-time job at Wally’s in Beverly Hills
  • Earning his own apartment, which he can afford all on his own
  • Gaining the confidence needed for him to consistently succeed in life

Supporters like you made it possible for Adam to become self-sufficient.  Thank You!

Want to know more about Adam’s heartwarming journey while he was in our Work for Food program?  Click here to read his story!

What’s Adam doing now?

In addition to loving life with a full-time job and an apartment, Adam is giving back!

He volunteers his time with Food on Foot and continues to help new homeless participants earn their way off the streets.

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Want to hear heartwarming stories from our participants and graduates?

You can!  Volunteer and help distribute food and clothing to the poor and homeless in our Hollywood facility on any Sunday!

And bring your kids too! Volunteering with Food on Foot is a GREAT way to spend time with family.

Sign up here to volunteer and to make an impact in the lives of the homeless.