As a transgender woman, I’ve faced plenty of rejection.

But you helped me find my voice again.

For years, people didn’t accept me for who I am, so I ended up moving in with my loving grandfather.

When he passed away, I found myself in a really scary and lonely situation. I began to shut down mentally.

I didn’t have anywhere to go and before I knew it, I was homeless.

The longer I lived on the streets, the more shy and reserved I became. I barely spoke to anyone.

Then everything changed…

Because of support from kind people like you, I was able to enter Food on Foot’s Work for Food program. I was accepted with open arms. Soon, MY CONFIDENCE WAS GROWING!

My favorite part about the program was explaining my journey of homelessness to the Food on Foot volunteers. This seemed terrifying at first, but the smiles I received made me feel even more accepted.

Little did I know that these weekly speeches at Food on Foot would help me find a full-time job.

Because of you, I am now living off the streets and working full-time for the Trans Latina Coalition. Here, I speak up loud and proud, sharing my own stories while helping other transgender people believe in themselves.

YOU helped me believe in myself and now I help others believe in themselves. I’ve found my voice. You never know when you give a donation to Food on Foot how far it can truly go! Thank you! – Liza A.

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