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We have a great, fun family activity where instilling positive values in your child is an additional bonus!

Food on Foot’s Sunday Serving provides a safe and loving environment for children, ages 6 and up, to volunteer with their family and help distribute food and clothing to the homeless.

Sign you and your child up to volunteer here.

As with all volunteers, children that you bring to the serving will:

  • See that the homeless are human too
  • Give them food to fill their hungry bellies
  • listen to the homeless tell moving stories and random acts of kindness
  • Experience the heartwarming Awards Ceremony

Do you have a son, daughter, niece or nephew?  Please bring them to a Sunday Serving!

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When you bring children to volunteer with Food on Foot, you:

  • Grow together as a family
  • Help children build a sense of empathy for others
  • Help children appreciate family, food, and shelter more
  • Have a more meaningful life, as you share with those in need

What do our volunteers say?

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“What I like most about Food on Foot is that my three kids can volunteer with me. We donate money and clothes to other organizations, but there’s no better feeling than seeing where your donations are actually going. My kids get excited to come here and volunteer. After we leave they always have questions, questions they wouldn’t think to ask before because they didn’t realize just how many people are homeless or poor. It’s not just an eye opener. Its a heart opener for my family.”
­– Juanita Garcia –  Volunteer

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You are a role model

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Your children look up to you!  When you volunteer together as a family, you inspire children to become kind, giving, and selfless adults. If you have a child in your family, please invite them to volunteer with you during a Sunday Serving.

Together, you can make a positive impact in your child’s life as you feed the homeless!

Thank you for your support,

Jay Goldinger
Food on Foot