Think about the last time you were overwhelmed or just gave up.

Scary, right?

One of the biggest hurdles you help our homeless clients overcome is to stop losing confidence.

Once someone gains back their confidence, they begin to find HOPE.

They find hope within themselves…

…and hope for a better future.

But sadly, many homeless people lack an inner belief in themselves.

How would you feel if you lived on a cold, dirty sidewalk outside an abandoned storefront?

You ask for help, but the daily rejection you face digs into your soul like a sharp, cold knife.

Day after day, your mind projects the same tiring feedback loop of “I can’t” and “this is too hard.”

And as the days turn into weeks, and weeks into months…

…you slowly spiral into CHRONIC homelessness.

This is the reality that so many people face.

Many of these people don’t think there’s a solution to their problems.

But in reality, there is a solution…

…and that solution is YOU.

Your support with Food on Foot provides a “life-skills education” for our homeless clients.

Think of this as a “survival kit” filled with all the tools and resources one needs to get out of their homeless situation.

Within this survival kit is a roadmap.

This roadmap guides people towards:

  • confidence
  • communication skills
  • mock interview training
  • crisis management
  • money management
  • and much, much more

The homeless clients you help are well equipped.

They don’t give up.

They are determined, willing, and show a fierce amount of perseverance.

They face their challenges head on, and scream to the world “I GOT THIS.”

This is why 85% of the people you help off the streets are still employed and housed for well over a year.

This is why 45 people received full-time jobs last year.

But the BIG question is this:

On Sunday, there will be 25 Food on foot homeless participants striving for that better future.

Will you help them receive the roadmap towards empowerment and self-sufficiency?

The choice is yours.

Please make a gift to help empower our homeless neighbors with the skills, tools and resources needed to earn their way off the streets with CONFIDENCE.

Yes! I Want To Give The Gift Of CONFIDENCE!!