How many responsibilities do you have?

From meeting deadlines, making appointments, and even taking care of loved ones, our days are filled with responsibilities both big and small.

And accomplishing these tasks gives us PURPOSE and GROWTH in life.

Our homeless clients in our Work for Food program learn Positive Work Habits! These include:

  • Responsibility
  • Perseverance
  • Time Management

The skills acquired in the Work for Food program allow vulnerable homeless people to succeed in new jobs.

Do you want to learn more about the jobs our Work for Food clients receive? Volunteer with Food on Foot and you will hear wonderful work stories from our current Work for Food participants!





Meet Ronald H, our newest graduate from the Work for Food program

Ronald H was a homeless  participant in our Work for Food Program and graduated with a full-time job and his own apartment on Thanksgiving Day, 2016.

The path to graduation wasn’t easy.  Ronald needed to make dramatic changes in his life.  In his own words…

“I’ve always used quitting as a crutch.  It was something I could just fall back on.  I invented reasons why I couldn’t complete things.  When I was 23, I was passionate about boxing, but I soon quit because something in my head told me I wasn’t good enough.  Then, when I was 25, I started writing a book, but I never finished it.”

He bounced from one location to another.  After losing a job in Miami, Ronald moved back to his hometown of Los Angeles and soon found himself homeless.

Ronald enrolled in the Work for Food program and turned his life around.  Ronald went through group therapy and life-skills training.  He started to create a game-plan made of positive work habits.

And by cleaning the streets of Hollywood every week, Ronald was able to apply these skills in a real-world environment!

Ronald now has a full-time job as a security guard and is continuing to implement all the outstanding habits he’s acquired!











You can inspire our clients to achieve positive work habits

When you volunteer with Food on Foot, you do more than help the community. You INSPIRE our homeless clients to practice the same positive work habits you demonstrate during the serving.

These include:

  • Showing up on time
  • Starting and finishing tasks at hand
  • Bringing your “A Game” when you volunteer
  • Finding passion in what you do

Our homeless clients exhibit these same responsible skills during their Hollywood cleaning routes.

And just like crossing a stepping stone, the homeless you inspire apply these newly acquired skills into future jobs and responsibilities.

Please volunteer and be a positive influence in the work habits of our homeless clients!!  Click here to sign up.

As a volunteer, YOU will meet our happy Gray Shirts and graduates. They will enthusiastically tell you stories about their full time job.  You will see how STRONG they feel every time they receive their paycheck! You can volunteer with Food on Foot on ANY SUNDAY in our Hollywood Serving location.  Sign up to volunteer here!

Thank you for caring,

Jay Goldinger
Food on Foot