It’s less than 24 hours until 2019.
As you read this, there are homeless people who are striving for a better life.
And these people face an extraordinary challenge.
The longer they live on the streets, the more they feel like the world has given up on them.
In many cases, this overwhelming feeling leads to severe depression and sadness.
Today, you have the chance to turn this sadness around and to create a new life full of happiness for 2019!

“Food on Foot really helps people who want to change but just don’t know where to start.

I struggled with substance abuse, but thanks to you,
I am now off drugs and I have my own job too.”

Kama F.

When you give today, you will provide a life-changing opportunity for a homeless person to receive the confidence and resources they need to finally get off the streets as a self-sufficient and tax paying member of society.
This is not a handout.
This is not a short term solution.
Your gift today will EMPOWER our homeless participants for the rest of their lives.
Your gift will go towards crucial and much needed resources such as:

  • Mock interview training
  • Money management training
  • Group and one-on-one therapy sessions
  • Food
  • Cell phones
  • Bus passes

But it doesn’t stop there…
You will also help our homeless neighbors find and earn full-time jobs and their own apartments.
85% of the people you help find jobs are still employed and off the streets for at least one year later!
Are you ready to make a difference and create HAPPINESS and SUCCESS in the lives of our homeless neighbors?
Please make a gift today before the year is up.

Yes! I Want To Help Our Homeless Neighbors!