You Can Change Lives

When you join the LifeBuilders giving circle, you play an important role in helping our program members achieve stable housing. Your monthly LifeBuilders gift provides rent deposits and furnishings while also helping link community members and program members together.

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Unique Benefits And Opportunities For LifeBuilders Giving Circle Members

See the wonderful impact of your LifeBuilders gift
through exclusive monthly stories from Food on Foot’s
dedicated staff and volunteers who are working on
the front lines to change lives.

Stay plugged in with an exclusive LifeBuilders quarterly
newsletter filled with more stories, opportunities and
linkages to advocate and have an impact.

Special access to distribute meals to 300+ neighbors
at two Sunday Servings per year (without making an
additional donation). When you volunteer, you’ll also
receive a complimentary Food on Foot t-shirt and hat,
ensuring you stand out as a proud advocate for change!

Change Lives
Move-A-Member – Exclusive impact opportunities
welcoming a member to their new home by delivering
thoughtful housewarming gifts, delicious first day meal
packages, and helping to assemble new furnishings.

Be the Change!

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