In addition to distributing meals on Sundays,
Food on Foot offers even more volunteer opportunities for you to make a difference

For more information, or to schedule your volunteer opportunity,
please contact Food on Foot’s Director of Community Services, Randi Wyatt: or 661-313-9002.

Jobs & Housing Volunteers

Workshop Development & Facilitation

Empower our Jobs & Housing program members by leading a workshop based on your own life skills or professional experience. Examples include resume building, job hunting, money management, time management, and more.

Employment Resource Coach Assistant

Volunteers work directly with the Jobs & Housing staff to support growing needs in the area of resume development, job searches, interview support, and more.

Housing Resource Coach Assistant

Help our staff through the barriers of searching for a home, finding locations and sufficient spaces for our Jobs & Housing team members to create a space of their own.

F.R.I.E.N.D. Program

this exciting opportunity allows volunteers to directly engage with our Jobs & Housing Team Members by supporting them on their journey through our program and into the critical transition from adversities into a home of their own. Volunteers will play an important role in the long-term success of the individuals we serve as they break through barriers and end their cycle of homelessness.

Warehouse & Auxiliary Volunteers

In-Kind Donation Outreach & Auxiliary Support

With guidance and support from our staff, volunteers will identify and contact potential supporters and in-kind donors for donations of everyday items we can give to those who need them most at our Sunday Servings.

Warehouse Support & Serving Preparation

Volunteers can help us shift resources and donation in our warehouse space to make room for incoming donations as well as help us stock our shelves and tote bins to easily transport everything to our Sunday Serving site.

Sunday Resource Transportation

To maximize the resources we can give to the unhoused community, we need volunteer support to load our resources into available vehicles and transport the resources and supplies to the serving site on Sunday mornings.

More Ways to Volunteer

Event & Development Volunteers

Volunteers can support the development team with a variety of office-oriented tasks that include basic data entry, hand-addressing envelopes, and reaching out to sponsors and donors when needed. This opportunity is currently available two Tuesday mornings per month.

Social Media & Marketing Support

As part of our social media & marketing committee, skilled volunteers will provide support in a variety of ways based on their skillset. These skills include graphic design, photography, press outreach, website design, videographers, reel editing, and more!

Youth on Foot

At Food on Foot, we believe that impact and change start with education. And who better to engage than the next generation of youth who will continue the work to end the struggles facing our society?! We provide an abundance of opportunities for youth to learn and grow by providing the space and resources that allow them hands-on experience to impact their communities.