Success Stories

Here are just a few of the lives YOU CHANGE when you support Food on Foot. Because of you, these Food on Foot members and graduates are now working full-time jobs and living in their own fully-furnished apartments!


I just feel good having my own place and not having to sleep on anyone’s floor or couch. Food on Foot really helped me out a lot – they really put me in a good position for myself and my son. They came through on their promises and told me just to stay positive and keep pushing, and everything would work out, and it did.


The Jobs & Housing program has been such great resource for me. I’m now housed and I've been able to get the help that I need. I'm grateful for all of you. Thank you so much.


Food on Foot has helped me breach the barrier of the high price of rent in California. A lot of jobs, including mine, do not pay enough for 1 month down AND a deposit – let alone reach the 3-4 times the rent threshold. But I’m now housed and I work security and am ready to continue my career in armed security and nursing.


Food on Foot has given me my life back to the point where I have my very own place and  I don't have to depend on anyone else. The workshops were very informative, especially how to build your own credit.


Don't be afraid to ask for help.  Just get up and find it. Thank you Food on Foot!


Food on Foot taught me structure, something that I had but I lost. This includes time management, how to save money and plan for the future, something I never learned how to do. Thank you!


Food on Foot gave me that extra leg, that extra push, that extra support. They help you get there and help you stay there. The program impeccable. Amazing. You don't see that everywhere else. Having my own home is lifechanging. I  have my own space to be able to cry and decompress. I have a safe and private space where I can cope with my feelings.


Food on Foot helped me hold myself accountable while working toward getting housed. Having my own apartment feels so unreal. I've been homeless so long I feel like I'm in a hotel. Just because other people forget your worth doesn't mean you do!


Food on Foot helped me apply useful skills to my everyday life, like how to manage credit and how to manage my money. It feels really good to have my apartment and not have to sleep in my car anymore. I don't have to worry about the weather conditions, which I'm really grateful for.


Not having a family or a support system can affect someone’s ability to see and know what is right for them. It’s very easy to lose courage based off of responses that society gives you.  Food On Foot was not only consistent with me but they knew what I wanted and they stood behind me to ensure I was successful.


Having my own apartment feels incredible - that is a dream that has come true. I finally get to have a space where I can feed my soul. As an artist, I finally have a space to feed my creativity and passions. I have now returned back to school, obtaining my master's in art education, and pursuing a Ph.D. in Education.


Entering Food on Foot’s Jobs & Housing program helped me find a job.  I’ve even been promoted three times since getting hired! Now, my daughter and I have a beautiful home.  I love cooking homemade meals and feel peace and safety for both myself and my daughter.


Food on Foot kept their promise: they told me that if I followed their guidance, they would help me find stable housing—and they did. Because of them, my future looks brighter.


I appreciate Food on Foot so much because you really are helping take people off the streets. You helped give me a home. I can now go pick up my kids and they can sleep over with me and I can show them that I'm trying my hardest to be a good, productive member of society. Thank you!

Rainyia H.

“Now, because of Food on Foot, my baby and I are housed and I’m more happier than ever. I got my apartment keys on February 10th, 2023 – just one day after my birthday. I’ve only been in my apartment for 9 days, but it so peaceful. This is the first time in my life that I’ve had my own place, and I’m 27. Now, I can light my candles, put my baby to sleep and journal about how grateful I am.”

Leshawn J.

“Food on Foot helps me get my mind on track and to be a better person. They guided me every step of the way, helping me to get sober, create a resume, and looks for jobs. Most of all, they gave me the encouragement to work hard and help others.”

Monica J.

“Now that I’ve been in the Jobs & Housing program, Food on Foot has changed everything. My daughter is housed, I am housed, and my son who is also in the program is about to be housed too. Food on Foot changes lives. Without this, we would be on the streets.”

Jon Y.

“Food on Foot helped me get my ID, my social security card, birth certificate, a job, and my own apartment. I also enjoy leading a group of Jobs & Housing members to help set up and break down the Sunday Serving events each week. Thank you Food on Foot!”

Ariez W.

“Food on Foot gives me happiness and hope. I am now safe in my new apartment and I am grateful for all of your amazing help.”

Julia W.

“I moved to Los Angeles a few years ago and fell into a bad situation. I ended up homeless at the same time as being pregnant. During that time, I was sleeping in my car and staying with friends – basically anyone who could help me out. That’s when I found out about Food on Foot’s Jobs & Housing program. Thankfully, I’m here today and living in my own apartment. Thank you for everything – this has made a huge impact in my life.”

Ingrid R.

“All I needed was a helping hand, so that I could get back on my feet. Thank you for believing in me, and not letting me become part of the list of the ‘forgotten people.’ You are saving lives one at a time.”

Francine B.

“Food on Foot brought light into the darkest hours of my life. I am truly humbled and forever grateful for the extraordinary friends, that kept me encouraged along the way.”

Tonnisha C.

“Thanks to you, I can finally sleep and cook in my own apartment! I appreciate and enjoy feeling safe and having peace and privacy in a place where I can live.”

Keith J.

Thank you for helping me leave homelessness and earn a full-time job! My new mindset now is “If I seek, I shall find, and where there’s a will, there’s a way”.

Kimberly T.

Food on Foot helped me get out of the shelter and into my own apartment. I’m now a cook and teacher’s assistant at a preschool. Opening my apartment door for the first time was amazing. It’s a great feeling to have my own security and safety. Thank you!

Lex U.

I’ve now put in the work and with help from others like you, I’ve achieved many goals, most recently joining the Screen Actors Guild. Thank you!

Morgan B.

Food on Foot has helped me get through life and feel like a part of society once again. I also have a sense of encouragement to help someone else when I can and where I can. Thank you!

Birungi N.

“Since I’ve been with Food on Foot, I’m reminded that I’m capable of finishing and reaching my goals. As long as you show up and be the human being you’re supposed to be, and care for your neighbors, you’ll make a difference in this world.”

Wanda W.

In the Work for Food program, we talk about in-depth things. And by talking about matters of the heart, I was able to heal and move forward. Thank you.

Will H.

“I am very proud to be a part of Food on Foot. You have given me a second chance, and I’m determined to the make the most of it with gratitude and enthusiasm.”

Devin P.

“Joining Food on Foot was the best decision I have ever made.  This is more than just a program.  It has completely changed my life.” 

Salli S.

“Food on Foot preaches independence! They inspired me to create a job when there were no other jobs available. I’m now an entrepreneur with a line of skin-care products I make and sell myself.”

Rance S.

"Not only is Food on Foot helping us with housing, they are also helping us long-term. You have shown me that no matter what, we can all make it through."

Elijah S.

"It takes a village to raise a child, and a community to fix a problem.  Thank you for helping me be a part of this community."

Aiman T.

"I’m extremely grateful to Food on Foot for my new home and now I feel like the sky is the limit."

Mark T.

“I came to LA without any drug problems, and this was the only program that fit me. Thank you for your commitment and for transforming my life.”

Richard B.

“Through the Work for Food program, I’ve learned the value of patience and asking for help. I learned how to be open to receiving love.  I feel like I belong here.”

Doy B

“Doing my Random Act of Kindness each week taught me to always be thankful and reminded me of the small things I can do for others.”

Jo Jo F.

“After getting robbed, I lost my ID and became homeless. With your help, I got a new ID and was able to get a full-time job and apartment. Thank you!”

Brian T.

“Ever since starting this program, I was inspired to work hard. Thank you for giving me a new life.”