Volunteer Spotlight

06/17/2019 - Raja Gosnell - $98 Club

Food on Foot is a wonderful organization that invests in the individual success of people in need, rather than a warehousing approach. The graduates get all the tools and support they need to rejoin the workforce and become self-sufficient again.

Volunteers get a chance to interact directly with down on their luck Americans who are genuinely looking for a way back into society. There is a mutual human respect and thoughtfulness to everything Food on Foot does and how the organization does it. Food on Foot is not simply serving an in-the-moment need. They are offering a way out for those will to take responsibility for their own improvement.

Volunteering puts a human face on a massive nationwide problem. With homelessness exploding in our city and disease outbreaks and court battles dominating the news cycle, the individual human stories get lost.

These are good people who had productive lives and jobs before a mistake or misfortune pushed them into despair. Once on the street one loses their dignity and it becomes ever harder to come back. The people in this program are profoundly normal and well spoken, with dreams and aspirations and senses of humor and honor.

They deserve a chance. It good for them, but equally important, it’s good for our society.

06/13/2019 - Andy and Amanda Smith - $149 Club

Life isn’t always a straight line and sometimes people find themselves in situations beyond their control and down on their luck. Food on Foot gives a second chance and an incredible opportunity to those in need who have a real desire to rebuild their lives. Our first volunteer event was so moving to our family. We were able to meet individuals and gain a better understanding of their unique experiences and how they ended up on the streets. It also allows us an irreplaceable teaching tool and a meaningful way to give back for us and our children. Being able to be of service and bring a smile or a glimmer of hope or a have moment of connection with someone who needs it is really profound. It’s food for everyone’s soul.

What I like most about Food on Foot is that they Allow people to work and earn for their necessities as opposed to just hand outs builds confidence and self-worth, giving them a goal to get into this amazing program that can get them back on their feet and allow them to restart their life.

When volunteering, what struck us on the whole was how grateful all of these individuals are for the opportunity to be given a second chance. They all may be down on their luck but each one of them felt hopeful and held their head up high. We met a few of the members and they looked us in the eye, made sure to thank us for our time. They wanted to make a genuine connection.

Additionally, while we were serving bananas and toiletries, we overheard a mother speaking to her 3 very young children with bags, telling them to make sure they grabbed everything that was offered to them and not miss a station. It brought tears to our eyes thinking how incredibly hard it must be for her with 3 small children to be so worried about the basics. That moment really reinforced the importance of being there to help.

06/10/2019 - Robbie Adams - $98 Club

Food on Foot means community, I see that it gives good people a chance to stop a downward spiral that no-one can face alone. It’s not charity, it is friendship and support.

I enjoyed bringing my kids and one of their friends to volunteer. They got a new perspective on homelessness. They became very quiet when they served homeless children and it started a new conversation in our house, a conversation about gratitude.

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