Volunteer Spotlight

06/22/2022 - Terrence and Cheryl Hartwell - $225 Family Club Members and Volunteers

Food on Foot means a way to not only give monetarily, but it also provides a personal experience as well. My wife Cheryl and I try to provide a 'hands on' component to our community service that will impact our daughters that simply signing a check can't provide. Interacting with the unhoused right in our own community and making a difference is essential for them to forge a memory and a lesson that helps them grow into caring and active adults in the future.

Food on Foot was friendly and well-organized, but mostly I liked the program's goals for short-term help partnered with programs for long term help as well. Food on Foot has a great understanding of the needs of those that they help and solid programs and resources to make an impact.

So far, my family has attended only one Sunday Serving, and it was such a tremendous experience that we joined the $98 Club that day!

04/13/2022 - Cherell Diggs - $98 Club member and Volunteer

My first volunteer experience was on Sunday, March 20th and I felt so at home. The love and genuine giving overwhelmed my heart. Food on Foot’s community includes all with no hesitation. Seeing this inclusion on the faces of so many is beyond joyful. Food on Foot is making a difference!

03/29/2022 - Drew Jones - $98 Club Member and Volunteer

The reality of living in this country is that many are only one paycheck away from losing everything. Food on Foot uplifts, provides, and humanizes those who go through the program and reminds us all that we are truly all in this together.

This recent Sunday, I heard the story of a woman who graduated the Jobs & Housing program two years ago. I've seen her every week since I started coming to Sunday Servings, so I know that she's not only prospering since her graduation, but that she still comes back to help others who were once in her place. What a beautiful experience.

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