Volunteer Spotlight

09/18/2019 - Jesse Noonan - $98 Club

I am grateful that Food on Foot exists to support some of our city’s homeless folks who need wraparound support to become independent. I appreciate the ease with which we can support our neighbors.

I like that my 7-year-old son can genuinely help and interact in a non-exploitative way with people experiencing homelessness. There is an exchange of humanity that feels very genuine.

My son was enthralled with the awards ceremony, and seemed to pick up quickly the pride that the group experienced being recognized. All the kids seemed touched that the participants kept thanking them for coming out to serve.

09/12/2019 - Tracy Bishop - $98 Club

Food on Foot is a way for me to give back to the community and help people in a way that I know really works. I feel like my monthly donation will make a real difference in people's lives. It will help get them back on the road to a stable and independent life.

What I like most about Food on Foot is that it is a long term solution to a serious problem. The program is designed to not just provide a meal, but to provide the tools needed for people to really change their lives for good.

At my first serving I saw a member of the program receive his gray shirt. It was moving to see how proud he was of his achievement.

06/17/2019 - Raja Gosnell - $98 Club

Food on Foot is a wonderful organization that invests in the individual success of people in need, rather than a warehousing approach. The graduates get all the tools and support they need to rejoin the workforce and become self-sufficient again.

Volunteers get a chance to interact directly with down on their luck Americans who are genuinely looking for a way back into society. There is a mutual human respect and thoughtfulness to everything Food on Foot does and how the organization does it. Food on Foot is not simply serving an in-the-moment need. They are offering a way out for those will to take responsibility for their own improvement.

Volunteering puts a human face on a massive nationwide problem. With homelessness exploding in our city and disease outbreaks and court battles dominating the news cycle, the individual human stories get lost.

These are good people who had productive lives and jobs before a mistake or misfortune pushed them into despair. Once on the street one loses their dignity and it becomes ever harder to come back. The people in this program are profoundly normal and well spoken, with dreams and aspirations and senses of humor and honor.

They deserve a chance. It good for them, but equally important, it’s good for our society.

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