Volunteer Spotlight

01/30/2020 - Jake Blumenfeld - $98 Club Member

Food on Foot means to give to the less fortunate, and gives people a second chance at succeeding in life.

What I like most about Food on Foot is that it helps people who are in need of a job and a place to live. And Food on Foot makes that dream possible for them. I like that Food on Foot also helps people get back up on their feet.

When I first arrived at Food on Foot I was a little nervous at first. Then I started to get to know the people that were helping out and started to feel happy because I was giving back to the community. As a volunteer, I enjoyed listening to the people sharing their stories and kind deeds they did throughout the week. I liked listening to the people that have graduated the program because it’s one less person who is not on the street or living in a shelter anymore.

11/01/2019 - Yousef Monadjemi - $149 Couples Club

Food for foot allows my family the chance to help those that need it most. Homelessness often stems from hopelessness.

Food for foot provides the hope needed for those struggling with the inability to maintain shelter and to secure meals.

Having the ability to watch someone pull himself out of a desperate situation, with the guidance of Food for Foot, is very rewarding.

My two children, my wife and I attended on a Sunday, to help in any way we could. It was great how organized and prepared Food for Foot was.

It was wonderful to see how appreciative the people we were serving were and that at least for one day they would not have to worry about their next meal and would be able to enjoy a good meal, something many of us take for granted.

09/30/2019 - Alyssa Heim - $149 Couples Club

Food on Foot is a caring community helping one another to succeed through active dedication and commitment. Food on Foot gives the homeless the extra support and leg up that many people need but rarely receive.

Food on Foot is an exemplary organization that puts words and promises into motion. The results and impact from Food on Foot is tangible and you can see the immediate impact that your volunteer efforts have on the Food on Foot community. It’s one thing to donate food, money or clothing to an organization, but then to be able to meet those who you have impacted and to see how appreciated your volunteer efforts go is incredibly humbling. It's incredible how many lives Food on Foot has already helped and will continue to help for years to come.

Our company volunteered this past Sunday to assist with organizing clothes and handing out food for the poor and homeless. It was amazing to look into each person’s eyes and witness their gratitude to the volunteers but also to the organization as a whole. Hearing the stories of how individuals fell into homelessness was heartbreaking but learning how Food on Foot has helped to restore their sense of self and purpose was heartening.

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