Donor Spotlight

We are enormously grateful to the Bob & Dolores Hope Foundation’s longstanding support of Food on Foot’s programming –  designed to assist our unhoused and low-income neighbors in Los Angeles with nutritious meals, clothing, and a fresh start through life-skills training, full-time employment, and permanent housing.

During the pandemic, support from the Bob & Dolores Hope Foundation was instrumental in helping Food on Foot provide front-line, safety-net services. This includes 11,000+ nutritious meals and 70,000+ PPE supplies in 2020, and full-time job opportunities and permanent housing for our Jobs & Housing participants.

During 2020, the City of Los Angeles reported a 16% increase and the County a 13% increase in people experiencing homelessness during the same time (compared with the 2019 Homelessness Count). With the cancellation of the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority’s 2021 annual count, the extent of pandemic-related homelessness is not yet known.

The need for services and resources for unhoused and low-income individuals continues to be staggering, as evidenced by Food on Foot serving over 35% more individuals in need during the last year. This increase in services to address such a stark spike in demand would not have been possible without such significant support from the Bob & Dolores Hope Foundation. Thank you again for partnering with Food on Foot.


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