Financial Literacy Workshops:
Helping Participants Manage Their Money

Food on Foot’s Jobs & Housing Program helps our unhoused neighbors regain their footing back into society.  Graduates from the program earn a full-time job and a fully-furnished apartment, along with $5,000 savings (their employment earnings while in the program).

Prior to graduating, program participants undergo weekly group an 1-1 workshops. This includes financial literacy and money management training. Topics range from budgeting expenses, savings, and credit score improvement.

Helping Jeannette THRIVE

Jeannette’s credit score was a 412 when she entered Food on Foot’s Jobs & Housing program. At that time, she was experiencing homelessness and couldn’t manage what little money she had. But through hard work and determination, she excelled through the Jobs & Housing program, earning her own apartment and a full-time job as a Registered Dental Assistant.   The weekly workshops she attended helped her manager her income and strengthen her credit score.

“Food on Foot showed me how to work out what my expenses were, how much my paycheck was, and how I can still grab a little bit of that paycheck and put it away. This is the best I’ve ever been. I’m no longer living from paycheck to paycheck. Just to show you how much they taught me – my credit score was a 412. Its now 700.”

A BIG THANKS to all of the Food on Foot supporters who helped Jeannette and other participants leave homelessness with jobs, housing, and life-skills training. If you’d like to help more people like Jeannette, please consider making a gift today.

Watch Jeannette’s Story:





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